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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What'sThat Smell?

Last night we stopped by the Tree House to pick something up on our way to Superman's Fortress after helping Dylan install a new door knob at her place. Superman ran in to get it and came out with a face that looked like these grapes.

I was like "WTFeline.... Did Opie have an accident?"
[which of course he never does. Sweet baby but I couldn't imagine what caused Superman to look so green]

"You better come inside and check this out." He said.

"Is it cigarette smoke? I asked, cautiously exiting the car to go inside.

"No, it's not that. I don't know what it is? Except it smells worse than an old fart."

Oh geez, I think, to myself. What now???!!!!

I opened the door and was greeted by a pungent smack to my nostrils.

"Cabbage???? OMG the neighbors from Carnie-Ville were boiling cabbage. One of the hottest nights we've had all summer, and they're boiling frigging cabbage!


This came on the heels of vacillating all day, and second guessing my plan to leave the Tree House... I was kicking myself after seeing so many people coming through to see the Tree House and them saying, "What are you? Nuts? Why would you want to leave this????"


Life is hysterical.


  1. Just visiting my followers today. Hi! Thought it was about time I dropped in on yours and am now a follower, although you seem to have quite a few I guess you don't mind just one more. Nice to meet you.

  2. Ooo that smell... Can't you smell that smell? The poor new tenants. Too bad Dylan or Superman didn't rent the downstairs.

    When is the move to the hill?

  3. Thanks for visiting Sashy, I am behind on commenting but have been keeping up with your dilema with the smokers. I hope things are better for you now. Cabbage???? Are they nuts? Imagine what it is going to smell like a few hours after they eat the cabbage. I am glad you won't be there to suffer that as well.

    Anne and Sasha

  4. ~~~Hello Dreams... Nice to see you again. I was so sleep deprived for months, I literally stopped dreaming. I've just started dreaming again. I'm sure I'll have some doozies again soon to share with you. ;-)

    I know wouldn't that have been nice. Places rent really fast on the lake & that unit went in one day. I think my tree house is already rented so yes, the hill will occur in a couple of weeks. I have till the 15th. I'm getting excited.
    Hugzzzz girlfriend...

    Welcome to the Tree House! What a lovely, and wonderful surprise to see your darling pics on my wall. I am a happy girl.
    Hugzzz baby Girl...

    ~~~Anne & Sasha...
    Oh I totally understand, Anne. i am so behind catching up visiting everyone. I've only started feeling like my old self [only BETTER] the last 2 weeks. It was a long haul health-wise. I've made some stops to your place & read but didn't leave a comment. Thanks for understanding.

    Ewwwwww I know!! Cabbage is always worse the next day. I'm lighting incense and candles before they get home! hehehe

    Kiss that sweet puppy pie for me.

  5. Lily, Before you start the contest to name your new house SSSTTTOPP!
    Lily Pad is perfect.
    I think it was Racheal that suggested it
    Peace out sisyah-fiend,

  6. You are so funny. I hope this laughter gets you through these days ahead.

    Always remember it is not the walls or view around you that impart your happiness. It flows from within you my friend. Your warmth and vitality fill every nook and cranny. When you leave the tree house the sunshine will leave also and that is because you are the source of that sunlight.

    You are an extraordinary soul and only you can light up a room or blog in the special way that you do. The cabbage people are filling your place with bad karma. It is good you are taking your sunshine away from the clouds that are below you.

  7. All I can do is ... LOL ROFL!!!!

  8. ha!!!

    got a quirky sense of humor me thinks...

    a bad joke for you:

    a ham sandwich walks into a bar
    goes up to bartender and says
    'can i have a pint of guinness?'

    the bartender says

    i'm sorry

    we don't serve food in here'

    i know... sorry bout that...

  9. Is replacing one odoriferous smell for another a solution? Nay says I but it is a testament to the lack of personal olfactory ability of your neighbors.

    Boiled cabbage is disgusting foul stuff (near as bad as beets) but I have an idea for retaliation
    ...have a sleep over where YOU serve boiled cabbage and have your friends emit their own noxious gasses into the ventilation system...of course your neighbors will probably not smell it but the resulting laughter (you do know how everyone loves bathroom sophomoric humor) will keep them awake.

    Try to fart in three part harmony.

    "It's now a free concert people"

  10. Lille-gotta admit, that's what I thought when I seen your place. If you could just blow up the neighbors. (but don't really) ~rick

  11. Yukkkk stinky poooo but I do love cabbage!!!

  12. haha that gave me a good laugh - especially the picture you paired with the cabbage line.

  13. Dear Friends~~~
    I have laughed so hard reading your comments that it has been like good medicine. I've literally guffawed out loud and made Opie jump 10 feet off the couch. You all bless me immensely! Thank you so much!!

    I'll keep you informed and will surely have some more humorous moments to post about in the weeks to come. I cannot express how valuable your words of encouragement, and humor have been to me.

    So.... granny pantie shots in a future post---eh???? I'm taking votes!



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