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Monday, August 24, 2009

Staying in Motion Until It's Time To Start Packing

Red Poppy 16" x 16" acrylic

I've had to rearrange my plans to show my work at one of our downtown galleries. Getting sick slowed things down, as well as the current re-routing of my studio, and nest. All is well. I'll let everyone know when the reception will be after I confirm a new date with the gallery owners.

Poppies in a Field 16" x 16" acrylic

Below is what I'll be painting next.
It's from a series of shots I took of blues singer Bekah Williams from Cincinnati, OH.

But I'm happiest to announce I am doing a photo shoot for my very dear friend, Miss Dorri of her mother and father tomorrow. They are celebrating their 50th anniversary next month. Visiting Dorri, and her family, on her farm is always a treat. I am honored to call them my family and I've been officially adopted. Officially! I'll post some of the shoot after I finish. [with proper permission, of course...]

Below are some pics from the last shoot I did a few Easter's ago.

She is even more beautiful in person. Her smile can light up a dark night.


  1. what a lovely post ! i liked very much your paintings .
    i wish you all the god luck of the world with your exhibition . and have fun !!!

  2. ~~Thank you so much, Caio. You always bring such happiness with you when you visit me. Which means, you always leave me with a smile.
    I'll let you know when the show is and will post pictures of the gala event.

  3. Wow. What a talented lady you are. I love your work.

  4. Oh thank you for reposting two of my favorites! The top one is so vibrant and needs its own wall.

    I don't know why, (well, I do I guess) but the other one reminds me of an under-the-sea scene. It just makes me feel all floaty. It's a good thing... I just don't say it well. The colors move me!

    I'm thinking about driving up for the show. Hubby says, "Sure."

  5. Beautiful. Hope the reception goes well.

    It must be wonderful spending time with your adopted family. I bet you are able to learn a lot from a couple that have been together so long. The conversation is certain to be engaging.

  6. I love your art - beautiful. Good luck with the exhibition. Fabulous photography too!

  7. lovely work--all of it! Good luck and congratulations on your show. Have fun with the photo shoot!

  8. What wonderful colours you do provide throughout my night, as it is already close to four in the morning.
    Love the 'fild' painting, seems as if the flowers are aloat.
    Also loved is the picture with the kid, not knowing anything bad, neither difference in colour, language or alike. Spending nearly a whole month with my son without working taught me much.
    Please have a nice Tuesday.

  9. Lille, you're incredibly talented! I love to see your work. It's such a reflection of who you are inside and out, just lovely.

  10. Ciao Lily, your posts are always sweet. I like your paintings!

  11. Put on Changes by Bowie and go on woman!

  12. Beautiful, Sweet, Caring and emotional all in one post....I am set for the day...thanks for giving me a wonderful jump start ..

    Jodi (L.M)

  13. I love the colors in that big Poppy! Beautiful. And I like your friends jaunty hat! Takes a special person to wear hats. You can't just plop them on your! You have to own them like a body part.

  14. Congratulations on your upcoming showing. I enjoy your art.


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