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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I could never have guessed I'd be sitting here this time tomorrow posting pictures of a pair of nesting Eagles and their babies I took yesterday in OH

Yesterday as I stood on the road side looking at this wondrously, majestic site, I got chills--goose bumps the size of walnuts. I have never (EVER) watched something so breathtaking in my life. A nest made of branches, not twigs and grass, nestled in the tree tops with two baby eaglets inside. The mother swooped in with a fresh catch in her talons; the babies heads popping up like bunnies out of a rabbit hole.

Next the father came in with another morsel for his hungry brood. You can see the shot I tried to get of him, the blurry one. I was nervously watching, waiting for him to come in. Some bystanders who'd been there a couple of hours gave us the low-down of what to expect. Every 45-60 minutes one or both parents fly back to the nest with food for their babies. They carefully stand over them shredding the kill and feeding it to them. It happened fast, him flying out of nowhere, wings spread wide to catch the perfect down draft to land, that I could barely breathe--let alone shoot the magnificent site.

What an amazing world we live in.

This is the Mother right after she fed her babies.

She's watching her mate to come back to the nest.

This is the daddy, food in claw-talon.

They feed the babies together.


  1. Hey, thanks for sharing these. I've seen what I thought were great blue heron nests that were this big, but maybe they were eagles' nests.

  2. Snow, this was literally soul changing. What a powerful sight and yet, so tender at the same time. We have the blue heron around here at a reserve. I'll check it out next time I drive by and will snap a couple of pics of their nests for you to see. I know you love nature as much as I do.

    Thank you, Snow, for popping in. Makes me smile to "see" you here.

  3. such gorgeous pictures! Nature does have a way of healing us.. love is such a natural powerful thing.


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