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Monday, May 25, 2009

My grateful heart for the Golden Heart Blog Award to This Time Tomorrow

I fell asleep last night with my puter on my chest, kitty purring next to me, and a smile on my face. I woke up a little while later, drool running down my chin, and a crick in my neck to find it wasn't a dream I had about receiving a blogging award.... I really had. Somebody likes me... They really, really like me.... (So Sally-ish... I know...)

The gift goes on... Receiving an award means you get to award another blogger...

I appreciate the way Rain said it in her posting about how and who she would select to pass the award on to after she received it. Rain's blog is all about courage. It takes a Golden Heart to have courage and self love at the same time. So...

I think I will copy cat her idea, will select "just" one person, and will pass this award to someone who gave me my first glimpse of blogging from a golden heart, Nolly Posh.

I never know what I will find when I stop in to read what Nolly has posted because she posts from her heart--not just to fill space. I've cried with Nolly (her post-poem about her poplar tree is a must read) I've traveled underwater with Nolly, (under the la la la....under the sea.... her post about what she visualizes when she meditates gives your spirit mermaid fins....) I've had a peep out Nolly's windows to see what Australia looks like... I visit Nolly just to hear what tunes she's put on her play list so I can get swept away in her magic selection... She's taught me so much about Aussie musicians and opened my eyes to people I think wrote a song "just for me".... She reminds me when I visit to remember the simple things in life, and the importance of family.

Oh, I could go on and on. Nolly's puter went on the blink for a couple of weeks. It felt like a year or more. I missed her everyday she was gone. I may not have time to comment every day on all of you I follow but I want you to know how much I treasure the friends I've made online here. Even Dylan and Superman, have chatted with me (in person) about the wonderful people they've met that follow my blog. It really is a great big wonderful world out there, and what I've learned from the Nolly Posh's, and literally everyone I pop in to visit listed on my sidebar have blessed me beyond words.

Thank you, again, Rain. Welcome back, Nolly Posh. Hugzzzz to everyone.


  1. That's a really nice tribute!!! Show some teeth girl, ha ha, great photo!

  2. Oh no! I promised myself not to check out my blog friends' blog friends because I'm already in over my head, but the way you described her blog... Well, here I go...

  3. My heartiest congratulations on your new award.

  4. Awwwwhhhh and now i have tears in ma eyez and i so doNOT know what to say except THANKYOU soooo much for all that bloggy ~LOVE~ my lovely bloggy friend <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 i am so filled to overflowing that i'm spiLLing all over the flOOr! Thankyou so much for those beautiful words Lille *Kisses* and BIG (((hugz))) to you xoxoxox (Ps) Love that chEEky smile of yours! X:-)

  5. LOL geez I am showing some "toofs"... You so made my day, Rain, giving me the award. I am no longer a virgin... ummmm a blog award virgin...

    Speakin' of toofers....

    Here's a funny story.... my senior picture was in black and white. It was 1991...I mean 1981... crappola OK it was 1971.... Anyway, I had a tooth in front that was recessed a bit so it looked darker than the others. To me it looked like it was missing! I was panic stricken over this, needless to say at age 17, and didn't want the pictures. After all, this was the pic that was going to immortalize me as an "official senior" in the year book...

    The photographer said he could touch the pic up... I was elated! When I got the pic back I nearly died. He must have had some white house paint lying around in the garage, and an industrial sized paint brush. His idea of fixing it was to put a huge dollop of this whiter than white paint on the area where the tooth looked like it was missing. It looked like a HUGE piece of Chicklet gum resting there all white ' shiny for God and all my friends to see. Oh yeah... talk about teenage angst ova that one....

    Thank the good Lawd for digital and veneers. :-)

  6. OMGoodness, MzzLily... I totally understand. Reading about people, their lives, their stories, and all the awesome things they are doing with their wonderful lives is better than TV any day! You are funny girl... LOL

  7. *****Snow, you are a sweetheart. Thank you!

  8. ****Nolly,
    Tis' me that is overflowing with appreciation for you. Bloggy arms can reach around the world. I can feel your hugzzzz, and me cheeky smile is cheekiness to the max. Man, get your sunglasses out. LOL

    Love you Vicki!

  9. i like your simple joyous innocence!! Congrats!

    btw, i just noticed an old comment you'd sent me abt my first post in One Day at a Time with Silver that i have missed out.

    Incase you havent got time to ck, i'm sending you my response here.

    Lille Diane-

    how did i miss this one?

    you must think i'm horrible!

    "i enjoyed reading your blog and it seems so to me that you're such a kind soul who have a heart for others who are afflicted, who are down.. and you're not intimidated by all that. Most would prefer to run the other way, but you appear to me as one who would sit and won't mind the silence. "


  10. Hi Lille....

    Congrats on your is wonderful....I have one waiting for you over on my blog....

    Hugs for the week..


  11. congratulations on your gifts, your award, your wonderful friends, and your charming smile.

  12. Awesome! Thank you for the bloggy award!!! I hope to post about it later tonight (after my l'il guy goes to bed). I love reading your blog. You are honest and true.

  13. Tina,

    You make me happy. I totally smile every time I read your blog title, "yes...that's my child screaming...." how dang cool are you for being so refreshing in a blog title???? I'm smiling again just typing it... thank you for being you, Tina!


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