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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's dreams will eventually become new treasures this time tomorrow...

Last night we celebrated Dylan's Birthday here at the Tree House. Personally, I believe birthdays should be celebrated for an entire month otherwise they wouldn't call it your "Birth Month".... I'm also the girl who believes you should always eat 2 cookies. One for each hand or one for each thigh. It's all about finding the perfect balance in life....

We topped off the evening by starting Dylan's first Dream Board or Vision Board... whatever you choose to call it--it's all about visualizing. I'll show you the process, and how we're designing her new DB (with her permission) as it takes shape. I'm also designing a new one for me, too. It was awesome to watch Dylan playing in the studio, hand-picking which colorful pieces of papers and "pretties" she wanted to adhere to her DB. Had she not had an early flight to Annapolis, I know she would have stayed all night designing her DB.

Below is my current Dream Board. Right now I don't have any material things posted on it. It's more about visualizing how I feel about me, the inner me. Healing, and the love, hope, peace, and joy I want for myself, and other people in my life. These are the things that are important for my personal healing. I'll add some "things", some "stuff", some "fluff" later I'd like to have that are more 3 dimensional; Like what kind of auto I'd like to have, which starlet's skinny butt I wanna have, or pictures of a lakeside home with attached cottage that will be my permanent studio, and which starlet's skinny butt I wanna have.... Ohhhh, wait.... I already wrote that... Maybe I should post it twice on my DB... one wish for each butt cheek to balance the two cookie philosophy I have.....

Top of my Dream Board
I look back on my DB I made almost a year ago. (June 2008) It took me a while to tackle (or allow, believe and RECEIVE) some of the things I put on here. I didn't realize how many things are being birthed right now or have already come to fruition until I really stopped to look at it today.
  • Better breathing (I quit smoking December 14, 2008)
  • I'm writing my book, writing a blog, and finished writing my 101 list. Some call it a bucket list....
  • I'm painting.... not just starting paintings BUT finishing them... Big wow here!!!
Creamy white filling.... the Middle of my Dream Board
This is the part of my DB that makes me a wee bit weepy.
  • "I have the strength to get things done...." a year ago I was paralyzed with fears, weak in every part of my body, in my mind. I'm still working on the mind part.... (OK who chuckled???) Driving is still my biggest challenge but I'm working on it.
  • "I get another chance to live it up..." I added to the original...
  • My Dreams are in full bloom...." I'm still working on this one physically. I have a hard time sleeping, and still need meds. I hate the "needing" meds part. Part of PTSD is not being able to sleep. But I am working on it... Sometimes I feel so guilty that I have to take a medication to sleep. I've tried herbals but for now they are just not strong enough.
  • This also depicts wanting to live my dreams---not just dream about them. HUGE!!! HUGE!!!! HUGE step forward for me!!!
And finally..... the bottom of my Dream Board
See the mailing package on the right? (above the four-leaf clover) That's the envelope a beautiful necklace I ordered from Healing Stones, in New Zealand, came in. I ordered it for Sonja, my fabulous massage therapist (who BTW is working hard to get my muscles back into shape, and break up the scar tissue I developed after the accident) I want to travel to Australia and New Zealand... Who wants a postcard from me from one of those countries????


  1. I do, I do! Oh, I wish I had wall space for a huge dream board! It is such a wonderful concept to help one stay focused. You go girl!

  2. I'd love postcards!!! I'm glad that you are loving your dream board. My dream board is all in my head these days, and it's filled with intangible things too. I was hooked on sleeping meds for nearly 6 years, I still get bouts of insomnia. The herbal teas, hard exercise and those Breatheright strips help me tremendously...but it really took that long for me to be able to even try sleeping without the meds, so I guess that just means one day you'll sleep without them! A wee bit of hope!

  3. ***Rain....
    Ahhhhh... you made me laugh and cry all in the same moment. I am blowin' snot and chucklin' like a hyena... (now "that's" a visual...) But maybe that's what keeps me awake.... muh snorin' errrr I mean Opie Taylor's snoring....

    I adore you Mountain Mamma.... :-)

  4. ***MzzLily...
    You could make a DB in a notebook. You could make it on your blog page. You can etch it on your huge, wonderful heart. I think we all should go to New Zealand... C'mon, MzzLily let's get on board the ship of dreams and just go. Ummmm... maybe a plane would be faster.... but a ship would be sweet. But I promise if I go first, I'll send you a post card!

  5. Hey! if you're coming to New Zealand - you better look me up!! You know, I think you need to come here - there is healing in the very land, the mountains, ocean and sky.

  6. ***Healing Stones...
    Could I please, Celia?? Oh I would dearly love that. I will keep your mail wrapper on my dream board until I get my airplane ticket to New Zealand! I would love to see you.

    Then I'd pop over to see Nolly Posh in Aussieland.

  7. Happy Birthday Dylan!
    I love your dream board. Such a wonderful thing.

  8. That is so sweet of you, Tina. Dylan is having probs with being able to make comments on my blog but she said thank you! And thanks on muh DB, too. :-)

  9. Hi Lille Diane,

    Thanks for this post felt I was there it was such a vivid post.

    Would love postcards from your trip.
    A delicious idea.



  10. Dear Herrad,

    I want to come see you, too. Look at your garden, go with you for a stroll, keep you company, let you show me your city, parks, favorite places, take photos with you. I think you are a treasure chest of wisdom, warmth, and love, Herrad. I cannot tell you how much joy you bring me when you stop by to see me. :-)

    I think I should hand deliver your postcard with a hug. You are a blessing to me.

    Love, Lille

  11. Great post - I like the combinations of visuals and expressions that you have. I will be back again. By all means get on Down Under - you will love it there.


  12. No postcards from NZ, but I'll buy you a coffee

  13. ***jase...

    Welcome to the tree house!!! Coffee??? NZ coffee??? Sweet!!!! That's a deal, jase!!! how bout' I bring you a postcard from US??? ;-)

  14. Thank you... that's why I can't sleep... it's the darn PTSD... every once in awhile I can sleep... then it's gone again. I've had it for 14 years, keep thinking I'm winning... then it gets another grip.... mostly at night.. really like your dream board, great idea... PJ

  15. ***Expat....
    Welcome to the Tree House! Thank you for dropping by and the lovely comments. I have longed to travel down under for years. As a photographer I'm sure Aussieland is a dream come true behind the lens. Pleases stop back in. I'll visit you as well. I really enjoy your blog.

    Have a great weekend!! Or week... hey have a great month.. make it a year. :-) Make all your moments great. (first cuppa jo of the day makes me wax philosophical....or silly. Not sure which yet.)

  16. ***PJ....

    Thank you for sharing with me about your PTSD. Lots of people don't understand how debilitating it is at times whether you're waking or sleeping or rather trying to sleep... 14 years wow that's a long time. One day at a time, huh, PJ? I'll send you some good thoughts especially at night. I know you will for me, too.

    I enjoyed looking at your blogs. Thank you so much for stopping in.



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