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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jammin' this time tomorrow

These jellies are jammin'.... I took this shot of these incredible jelly fish at our local zoo today.... I mean yesterday.... now this will post tomorrow. I mean today.... never mind.... my brain is jelly.

More pix of the zoo adventure tomorrow.... ummm, I mean today... My brain is toast...

Jelly with that toast???? No, thanks... just want my jammies.

Niters... '-)


  1. That is an incredible photo, jellyfish are so interesting and beautiful.
    I think my brain is also a little toasted, it is bedtime.


  2. Looks interesting. Will be dropping by to catch more later!

  3. Hi Lille Diane! That's a great photo, lovely colours! I can't wait to see the rest of them!

  4. Ok, now you've got me twisted ;) I took my grands to the aquarium and was mezmorized by the colors of these & other deep sea critters!

  5. what a gorgeous photo! the colors are spectacular.

    (p.s. i LOVE your blog's description on your banner. i toootally get the procrastinating perfectionist thing.)

  6. Awesome picture, I love the zoo! My favorites are Milwaukee and Toledo.

    Thanks for visiting Sasha


  7. Loverly photo Lille Diane.

  8. Beautiful sanps. I heard they are dangerous also.

  9. G'mornin' everyone... I was out playing with Superman yesterday. kayaking, playing guitars, grillin', and painting. It was such a gorgeous day and today promises to be even more stunning...

    Thanks for being patient with me getting back to you. Interacting with you in the comment section of blogland is one of my favorite parts of blogging.... OK off to get my second cuppa java... BRB... be right back.

  10. I'm on my second cuppa too! Every Sunday morning, I take the dogs out to the marsh and we walk through the forest, then on the way home I stop by for my fave coffee (Tim Horton's). Today I bought an extra large, and a medium for backup! ha ha, they go down so fast!

  11. ***Jonathan....
    Welcome to the Tree House!!! Your photography is outstanding! WOW!! I will visit often to see your world through your fantastic eye. Outstanding!!

    And thank you so much for your kind exhortations for my work. I appreciate your feedback and joining me. :-)

    ***SQ... thank you very much, Judy. Jellyfish are from another world entirely, and memorizing. I'm going back to get more shots. I'm an addict I tell you... a junkie... a camera carrying die-hard... a very HAPPY girl! I know you totally understand. ;-)


    Thanks, Silver. Please do come back. The zoo pics are on the way. Editing takes a bit when you have 550 + to wade though. But that is a fun part of photography, too.

    ***Sista Rain,

    Thank you! I could have stayed in the jelly room all day watching, and snapping. The movement alone is hypnotic but then add the mind blowing colors and I may as well set up a tent. Yep, I'm going to camp out there again! Soon!

    I really do hafta stop stalking you this way... I realize now I may be crowding space in your brain so I'll try to get outta your head, girlfriend... LOL If I don't by this time tomorrow we will have to introduce ourselves to our families as Siamese twins... you so made me lol!!! Hey it's fun bein' all twisted up sometimes... makes you realize, too, you are on a great wave length with great people!!

  12. ***lovely prism...

    Your name makes me see lovely rainbows... great visual! Thank you so much! And if I haven't officially welcomed you to the tree house...WELCOME!!!! You have a great smile, too. I'm smiling back at you right now. :-) Cheesy, ain't I???? hehehe

  13. ***Jase...
    Thank you my friend! :-)

    And thank you very much for stopping in. When people get what it means, "the thin line between procrastination and perfectionism..." I do a happy dance all ova the tree house! Please stop back in again. I'll visit you as well. :-)

    I will have to check those two zoos out! I'll pop over later to see how lil Sasha is feeling. I hope she's doing better. Thanks for the encouraging words!

    ***Michelle LB....
    I took a pic of a ladybug at the zoo just for you. I told Superman I had to get it for you! ;-) Thank you!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I stopped by yours and will go back often to see India through your eyes. Great photos! Thank you for commenting and making me smile.

  14. Love this photo and love your spirit, Lille Diane. What a magnificently beautiful feeling it is to explore your "This Time Tomorrow", which has already planted creative seeds in my soul... thanks!

    PS -- David Byrne... YES!

  15. Yum Yum Yum... Love Tim's! We have them down here, too. I like it a lot better than Star Buckles...(that's what my uncle used to call it)

    I am getting ready to take a walk, too. Get a wee bit of sun on my face and soak in the lake song.

    I lost my fav pair of sunglasses yesterday in the lake kayaking... We found a spot in a remote area that looked like a home to a muskrat family. Quite a lovely spot--made me wanna live there. I tipped my head back to smell the heavenly flowers and plop.... before I could spin to grab them they floated down.... down... down to muskrat land. After whining for a few because my shades never even looked back or said goodbye.... I consoled myself by envisioning one of the muskrats basking in the sun on the beachy area in front of his house wearing my shades AND lookin too dang cool for his muskrats pants...

    Yep, life is good living smack-dab in the middle of nature, isn't it, Sista??? We are so blessed!

  16. Oh no! you lost your shades! I can top you on that one. It was another comedy episode in the life of Rain. A few summers ago, I was renting a cottage by the lake and decided to take the dogs with me i the paddle boat. So we had a great tour of the lake, then I got them out onto the deck. I went back into the boat to get my little bag and lost my footing...bag and all splash into the lake! My cell phone plunged in and I couldn't find it! Ha ha. All in all though I did have a great time in the boat, ha ha.

  17. ***SparkleMirror (David)...

    What a beautiful comment. Thank you from the top, sides and bottom my artist's heart and soul! Please borrow ideas here any time, David. After seeing your work I, too, am inspired.

    Welcome to the Tree House! And David Byrne is amazing isn't he?! Love every quirking lyric he writes and his voice is captivating.

  18. OH MY I totally had a visual of your "Rain Comedy Series Episode", Sista! LOL Cell phone droppage in water... sux!

    Pugs on a paddle boat.... Priceless!

    Thanks for the smiles, Rain.
    Love you!!!

  19. Hi Lille Diane,

    Brilliant photos of the jellyfish reminded me that I found them fascinating when I was growing up in Trinidad.

    Have a good day.

  20. ***Hello sweet Herrad...

    I would love to visit Trinidad, too. I'm getting ready to post a few more shots from the day at the zoo. I told Superman every time I took a picture it was for you. So you were with us at the zoo. We loved your company, Herrad. We love you!
    Love, Lille Diane and Superman

  21. Hello Lille Diane! I love your blog! You have an award waiting for you at Sunflower Ranch:

    Congratulations! :D

  22. Big hug from Amsterdam.


  23. I feel so loved!
    Totally made me giggle.

  24. ***Herrad... I can feel your hugs. ;-) thank you very much.

    ***Michelle "Lady Bug"...

    that's cuz you are. :-)

  25. Hi Lille Diane,

    Please come by my blog and pick up your award.

    And pass it on to 5 blogs of your choice etc etc.

    Look forward to seeing your choices soon.



  26. That is an amazing photo! I saw a jellies exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium some years back. It was very inspirational. (Not like when "finding" them while swimming.)

  27. ***Sunflower Ranch and Herrad....

    Oh my goodness. Thank you! Thank you!!!! I will come and get em'!!!! Thank you!!!!

  28. ***Splendid...

    Thank you! Oh and yes, not so much fun when they are swimmin' in your bathing suit bottoms with ya... ouchie ouchie BIG ouchie!!!!


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