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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poppy Colored Passion is running through mental fields of this time tomorrow

There's another island not far from where I live, and when I was walking down the delightful lanes of summer homes and cottages, I spotted these poppies blazing in the late afternoon sky. I immediately wished I had my camera with me...which usually happens when you witness something spectacular--you don't have your camera with you. My next thought was of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man running through the field of poppies to OZ. What a magnificent piece of cinematography that was for that day and age. I went back this morning with my camera.

This bumble bee was enthralled with the poppies as much as I was. Try as we may it's hard to duplicate this kind of majesty. But I'm going to try. I am adding a new series of paintings to my creative to-do list. "Lille Paints Poppies". I never even knew I wanted to paint a poppy until I saw these.

My heartfelt "prayer, mantra, meditation, believing in my bones" is to be awake, open to new ideas, ways of seeing things, and, most of all, trying new things. Until I started seeking my creative side again, I didn't realize how thirsty I was. How bone dry, parched, Sahara sand in my blood veins dry, heart cracked open like an eggshell dry, winter skin dry... did I mention dry?

I feel just like this little bumble bee. Thirsty for life's nectar. Life will let you dive in and drink as much joy as you wish to ingest. You don't even need a straw. Joy begets more joy. Passion begets more passion. Passion is life's shea butter. Rub it on. It will work its way down into your soul. If we could just bottle it.... But then we'd miss the wonderful way it feels when we make the choice to slather passion all over our lives, wouldn't we.


  1. I never think of poppies in Ohio, probably because we didn't have them in Mississippi, and the two places are botanically similar.

  2. At this time today I'm following. Your passion for Art is very inspiring!

  3. I know I responded to this--hours ago. Now, I see that you just posted it ONE hour ago, and my comment is not here. Déjà vu? Certain insanity?

  4. Beautiful shot! I've been telling Hubby that I wanted a bed of poppies. Can't wait to see the painting!

  5. Snow, I was shocked when I saw these poppies here. In CA we had small orange ones simply called California Poppies and Matilija Poppies, that look like great big fried eggs.

  6. Welcome, to the tree house, Sharon! Kitty person!!! I love the painting of your kitty, Baby--in fact all your animal paintings-illustrations are phenomenal. Wonderful art and you inspired me as well. Thank you!

    Oh Rain... these poppies I saw made me want a huge field of them. You plant them and they will come... meaning me of course... you know you've totally made me curious about PEI. I'll ask Superman if he will take me up that way.

    I cannot wait to start painting them, Rain. I'll keep you posted!

  7. do do do do do do do do...deedle deedle do... Snow that was my pathetic phonetic version of the theme song for the Twilight Zone... hehe

    Yes, Snow, you just went there--to the TZ. That's OK cuz I live there. Geez who knows what happened. Maybe you have telepathic powers and read my mind before I posted. Now that's a scary thought....

  8. You are such an inspiration! The bee on the poppies is a lovely natural "added" touch! And your reference to Oz, I know just how you feel. Life can be very Ozzy. Having the camera with you at all times will help you capture those Oz moments. Keep up the great work! :D

  9. Such a beautiful photo, with the reference to OZ I now want to grab the nearest scarecrow and run through the poppy field.

    I am looking forward to seeing your paintings. Do quench your creative thirst, it frees the soul and gives us wings.


  10. Sweet!

    yes, ..that's wonderful energies ! These little pretties are in such brilliant beautiful orange- reminds me a little of those Buddhist monks' robes- somewhat spiritual to the whole thing.


  11. Great catch on the photo! Imagine if you had had your camera, you might not have caught that bee shot. :)
    I want to see your paintings when you are done,okay?

  12. G'mornin' Sunflower, " Life can be very Ozzy" That cracked me up. But I did get a high just looking at the poppies. Nature does that to me. May I borrow that expression Ozzy Day? I see it now....

    There I'll be standin' in the line at the grocery store chatting away to anyone, and everyone, smilin' from ear to ear cuz I'm just havin' an Ozzy Delicious Day. I'll tell the lady at the cash register, "I'm havin an Ozzy Day!!" They'll probably have me arrested for suspicion of being under the influence... BIG sigh.... but I am gonna have Ozzy Days as much as possible, Sunflower. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  13. Don't you just love that movie, SQ?? I could see you grabbing Scarecrow and running like a wild child through the poppy field. And Thank you, SQ, I will seek ways every day to drink a big cup of joy. Having my friends run through my blog like a poppy field makes me happy, too.

  14. Silver, you have such a way with words. That's why I love reading your blog. "These little pretties" I could hear the wicked witch's voice.... She is a fun one to imitate.

    But what I heard most of all with your comment was the orange-reds resembling Buddhist monks robes and the spirituality in the colors. I agree with you 100%. It's the color of love and passion. Fire. I'm so happy you enjoyed this pic, Silver.

  15. Mornin' Lady Bug... I like the way you think. You are absolutely correct. It' all how we perceive things isn't it. I will work to flip the almost missed to happened for a reason! Thank you!

  16. That's a lovely photo! And you mentioned one of my two favourite movies of all time! Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music! I've gone through the same thing you have actually. I myself didn't realize how creative I was until I started to take photos and write stories. Now I wonder how I lived so many years in that creativity drought. Wonderful life isn't it?

  17. Sista Rain.... I'm glad to have you as my friend, my sista. It's awesome to know someone who understands. PTSD comes in all shapes and sizes. Trauma is trauma. Stress is stress. And bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and disguises, too. I am so happy to know you fought the bullies and won! Listen to the lyrics in the song by The Pretenders, Sense of Purpose" on my playlist. Chrissie Hynde sings about when the bullies come around she just purses her lips together and they run away. LOL

    Our artist hearts are growing along with our ability to be awake. Yeppers, I'm adding PEI to muh 101 list....

  18. Hi Lille Diane! Yes, PTSD is horrid. It really f's you up! I did art therapy for a year, and at first all I painted were things that looked like barbed wire bombs, all in black paint. After time I added colour, then nice shapes...I'm glad you're adding PEI! I'll have to move the dogs over so you can fit on the porch swing!


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