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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Creativity comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Our world needs creativity today so we can have a better world this time tomorrow

Thank you so much, Herrad. This is a cool award especially coming from you. My goal is to stop by Herrad's every day to see what beautiful pictures she posts, what wonderful food Richie is cooking for her, and to get my daily fix of gratefulness. I am so utterly grateful for you, Herrad. I'm thrilled you fly over to the Tree House to visit me. Thank you so much!

I'm often amazed that sometimes people think they are not creative simply because they cannot draw or paint. Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. Our entire world depends on the creative process to even function.

Industrial Designers....make everything from pencils to toilet paper holders, cars, planes, and trains. The wheel chair and medical equipment Herrad so depends on, even her pasta maker is an example of industrial design.

Cooking is an art. We eat with our eyes. If it doesn't look good we probably won't put it in our mouths... Big time creativity!! Man oh man, that pasta looks so good that Richie made Herrad.. Wonder if they adopt???? Hmmmm.....

Every movie and television show has people writing the films, directing the films, people behind the cameras, people editing the film, adding layers of animations to make us believe we are on some strange planet or underwater... a lot of this is done on computers... Special effects (like make-up, latex, props, set design, and animatronics, robotics, etc...) Even a TV commercial depends on creative ideas, the script writers, etc. Inside an ad agency is a huge mix of creativity not pertaining to drawing sitting in desks being "creative" figuring out ways to sell us something. They prepare the models, their make-up, their fashion to pique our interest to watch the commercial so we'll buy their stuff....whoa a whole other area of design... clothing and accessories.

Photographers, graphic designers, game art designers, even surgeons use video games to practice does the military, police, and other agencies that serve and protect. Speaking of animation... Wow what would the world be without Sponge Bob Squarepants??? Or the funny papers... or Superman? Or Wonder Woman?

Interactive media-web designers... you wouldn't be blogging without creativity all done on computers. No drawing required.

Interior Design, for homes, offices, hospitals, businesses, and creative people who stage what a store front will look like or the layout inside to store to promote more sales.

The person who mixes the music is just as creative as the one who performs it. Or the photographer who takes the cover photo... or the person who writes the songs... or sits behind the mic at the radio station playing the song for us to listen to as we drive.

Art is everything. Art is everywhere. You are sitting in it as you read or you're lying on it, a couch, a bed, a rug.... That roof over your head....that's creativity. Creativity is everywhere. Everyone has some form of creativity inside. If you are are a creative person. No drawing required.

Sometimes we forget we are creative beings in so many ways..... We were created to create.

Here are a couple of creative people I'd like to pass the award on to.

Michelle at Enchanted Inspirations

Jonathan Dror

Laurie at Creating Pictures in my Mind

ReCreational Art

mysticdave Love his live music reviews. Go find the band Elephant Revival on his blog Fabulousness!!!!

Have fun exploring everyone. Thank you again, Herrad.


  1. Lille Diane, What an honour! I have posted it on my blog and thank you so much for thinking of me. Your own award was richly deserved!
    Best wishes

  2. ***Laurie...
    Oh you are so very welcome, Laurie. I hope people check you out...

    And thank you! I am pretty darn excited up here in the tree house to wave a creative banner-award like this one.

  3. Well said! And congrats... you may be a teansy more creative than a lot of us! Ok, more than a teansy.

  4. Congratulations and I like the story.


  5. Well said! There are so many creative people in this world who have no idea how creative they actually are.

  6. ***lovely prism...
    Thank you. So true isn't it? It's up to us to tell them. :-)

  7. ***MzzLily...
    Don't make me come over there and hug you!!! OK make me ... make me!!!! ((((((MzzLily))))) I'm hugggggin' the stuffins' right outta ya! Did you feel that??? I sure hope so. :-) Thank you!

  8. ***chica...
    Thank you! I'm on my way to see how puppy pie is doing over your place. I have a lap full of cat fur and purrs right now... cuddly stuff. yum...

  9. Wow, thank you so much for mentioning me, i am humbled. I just started this blogging thing a few short months ago, and it's the best feeling in the world to know folks enjoy my blog. I started this particular blog to showcase my friends place(mystic hot springs), and all the incredible music that passes through there, thank you again for enjoying:)

  10. YIIIIIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Thank you so much!! just what I needed today. You are so great - really. warm heart for you :)
    I am blogging this ASAP!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh... I love your blog. I want to come to Mystic Hots Springs and soak in all the amazing talent that goes through there. I've been to Salt Lake a few times, and will definitely put MHS on Jane, my GPS. I hope lots of people visit to listen. Great job, Dave!

    Your fan,
    Woodstock Lily/Lille Diane

  12. ***RecreationalArt...
    Oh tis' my pleasure. You have a HUGE heart that's why I selected you, and love how you recycle to support great causes!

    I'll pop in soon to visit you in FL.... errrr I mean your blog. Dang I hope I didn't make you think the doorbell would be ringing any and Opie Taylor standing there with 37 suitcases, cameras around our necks, brown socks and sandals, hot pink tee shirts with flamingos on them, fanny packs with sequins spelling out Phat Chick on mine, and Kewl Cat on his....oh yeah, and empty bellies. :-) hehe


  13. Hey, congratulations on your new award!

  14. congrats on your awards love the lion photos thanks for stopping by

  15. That's a nice post! I see that my comments aren't going through (rassah-frassah-blogger-bug!)...but I'm now on firefox for your blog so I hope this one works!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS Lilly :-) Hugs from Poland!

  17. Congratulations on your award, such a good fit.

    So true about creativity. Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Just don't grow up, or at least let the child in you come to the surface as often as possible.

    Hugs and more hugs,

  18. I must say I actually stirred in my seat when I read that first line, mostly I was thinking "clear the junk off of that sofa/put the coffee on/is there toilette paper in the bathroom?/put mimi out or she'll tear up Opie T./....
    and: did u say FLAMINGOS?!? we are tacky Floridians that LUV flamingos!! There is actually a joke between our household and that of my daughters: who can find and gift the tackiest flamingo! It's fun!!

  19. Jeez, you're going to have to rent a storage building for all these awards. Congratulations.

  20. ***Snow...
    Thank you, and you made me giggle about the storage building. LOL

    Thank you!

    ***Sista Rain...
    rassah-frassah... I'm soooo stealing that. hehe Thanks for working to get through... It musta been like, "Earth to Lille.... Earth to Lille... come in, please, Lille..." thank you!

    Thank you very much. I think your name is so beautiful. I always say it in my head when I type it....

    ***SQ Judy...
    Yes we gotta let the kid in us out to play. That is a great quote. I'll add it to my dream board. Thank you!!

    Hey, I just found out that (my) Superman used to have bees. He was a real, live bee keeper.

    Oh I can tell you are a great fit for the tree house. You rallied right back with a deeeelicious comment! Mmmmmmm I can smell the coffee. I used to have a friend that was so easy going about having people come in her house any time... ANY time... she never agonized over it being perfect. She'd just push the crap off the couch, and would keep your mug filled with java and laughter. I'll be writing about this soon... I love your spirit, Rec.

  21. Oh... I completely agree. When in an art museum and I overhear someone say, " I have no idea what this means, I am not an artist" , I shiver.
    Art is what it is to each person and each person has some unique way of expressing art.

  22. Congratulations on your blog award, you certainly deserve it! And I so appreciate you thinking of me and am honored that you mentioned me in your post. Thank you so much, your blog is wonderful!

    Michelle :)


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