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Friday, June 5, 2009

Full moon rising this time tomorrow

It will soon be dark at the Tree House. It's a full moon weekend. I'd like to try to get some shots of the moon if the clouds cooperate to give it a chance to smile in the spotlight. From my bed, and from a large portion of my windows, I watch the moon crawl across the heavens each month like it's waltzing with the stars. The shimmery glow on the water is mesmerizing, and calming.

My goal for almost a year has been to kayak at night during a full moon. I'm not brave enough to take my camera out on the lake but I am brave enough to take my hiney all white and shiny out there to see what it looks like on the water. I'm talking about the glow of the moonlight on the water... But ~~no pun intended~~ is it any coincidence they refer to one showing their hineys as "mooning" someone?

And here you thought I was waxing poetic in this post....


  1. Hi Lily,
    I will look forward to seeing your moon shots.
    I bet you will get a great view from the tree house!
    It is weird I have just put a blue moon widget on my blog, then read this post. You are very welcome to have the widget for your blog if you wish.:)
    Happy Moon Gazing!

  2. ***joanneMay...

    Thank you very much! WOW how cool is that to have the moon on our minds... at the same time... You are a doll!!

  3. Oh, my god, it's turning into a porn blog. Hineys everywhere! High in the sky, low in the water, and hanging out of a kayak.

  4. I saw that you had added yourself as a follower to my blog. Thank you.

    I have been looking at your blog and pasts posts. What a beautiful blog and you have and some amazing content.

  5. It has been a goal of mine to take an awesome pic of the moon. So far I have failed.

    I would like to pass on an award to you The Lemonade Award.

    I really like your blog and the tunes

  6. Lille Diane, I just love your Tree House posts!! What a heavenly place your home must be!! And now kayaking on the lake in the moonlight! I look forward to reading all about it! Maybe a quick pic before you launch your boat with moonlight bluing everything? then go and enjoy! Idea -- don't wait until Tuesday. Get out there every night leading up to the official Full Moon. Have a 5 day full moon event!! :D

  7. That is an incredible photo. Thanks for giving me something to dream about. I love the moon and evening, everything is so peaceful.


  8. That's right. We DID think you were waxing poetic. And it all sounds so lovely and ethereal.

  9. Thanks for the memory. I was raised a water rat and spent my daughter's childhood, my granddaughter's there as well, until the farm. Nothing beats night on the water, rocking with the waves. Sleeping on a boat is something I really miss.

  10. I really like the photo it's just so peaceful and relaxing. I'm looking forward to seeing your moon photos, I had hoped for some but it looks like clouds for us.

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  11. The moon Widget looks really great on your blog!
    See you again soon. Jo.

  12. Thanks for following, I follwed also. Loved the photos of the water and the shiny white moon and mooning made my day! LOL

  13. I'm in, I'm in!!! LOL. I can only see your blog when I use Firefox, but if I have IE open at the same time I'm denied access. So it was the "browser wars" that I was muddled into!

    That's a nice photo! I love night shots. Lille, the peace and quiet and gratitude you'll feel when kayaking at night by the moon is priceless. I used to do that years ago, it was the only peace I could find in fact!

    Camera news: I found that Canon sx10 at the store yesterday and started fooling around with it. I don't really like it, oh no! Maybe it just takes some getting used to, but I don't like the zoom. I thought the 20x zoom would be more impressive! It's autofocus zoom, so the image is very blurry for about 10 - 20 seconds until it focuses in. In my case, it's too long, but I only tried it in the store...I'm going to keep looking!

  14. I always love the full moon as well. I used to stop doing whatever I was doing just to kind of stare at the moon and got lost in time. I hope you'll get the perfect shot of the full moon ...well, as perfect as it gets, I supposed =)

  15. ***Rae...
    Welcome to the Tree House! Thank you for joining in on the fun, and I appreciate your kind words. I hope everyone takes a visit over at your delightful blog that is well written, and such nice pics.

  16. ***Anne...
    You are most welcome. Now I have to get that Dean Martin song out of my head.... haha
    Thank you for visiting...

  17. ***joanne May...

    Oh my goodness yes it sure does look great! Thank you for offering to share it with me! ;-)

  18. ***Snow...
    Too funny you are my friend! I guess that was quite a visual. Not sure if it gave people nightmares or if they just hurried out of here after reading it. hehehe

  19. Good afternoon from Athens. It's now shortly to 17:00 and there's still one lesson waiting for me - afterwards playing with the kid and then cleaning up the appartment.
    Being born in a full moon night makes these nights always special to me, not really able to sleep - I spend most of the night reading. What a beautiful thought of spending a night upon a river...

  20. ***Jase...
    Music is such a huge part of my world, Jase. My kitty puts shades on and heads bangs while I rock out using my brush as a mic. Oh we are so kewl.... Sometimes we do some deck dancing so the world can see that real live rock stars live in the tree house.

    Thank you for the meaningful lemonade award, Jase. I know this award has a special heart beat to it and will deserve some special people to pass it along to.

    Thank you!!

    hehehe It's a busy street corner inside this brain at times. I'm the one standing on that corner laughing uncontrollably at my own bad jokes. Thank you for laughing with me. :-)

    ***MzzLily...Now that sounds like some extra sweet memories. I've never slept on a smaller boat--just a cruise once. But I thought after I read your comment how much I'd like to do that. I will add that to my 101 list.

    Thank you! Hugzzzzz

    SQ Judy,

    I'll send a nice wind your way to blow the clouds away long enough for you to bask in its glow and get some great shots. ;-) I took a few last night, and a couple are pretty good. But since Monday is the official "full Moon" I have a few more nights to work on it. I swear it looked full last night. It was bright!!!
    Thank you and Hugzzzzzzz

  21. ***TC...
    Welcome to the Tree House!!! Your stories about critters are heartwarming. I am a sucker for anything animal! Thank you for joining in with a great group of followers. I am so blessed in every, single way!

  22. ***Sista Rain...
    Welcome back!!!! Oh it sux to get stuck out there in cyber world. It was probably the mooning" ova here at the tree house that short circuited everything. hehehe

    Camera hunting... what fun! Take your time with it. There will always be some adapting to the differences even if you really fall in love with a new camera. It's kinda like a new cell phone. You miss the old familiar buttons-ease but you are in awe of the new technology egging you on.

    I am so happy-happy joy-joyful you were able to get back to muh bloggy. I missed your fun comments!


    Thank you for the nice comments and encouragement! Your are correct, i have a few great nights to get the shots and paddle my lil heart out onto the silvery waters. I'll come see what story you have posted to write about later!


    Thank you Jan, for the nice visit. I'll post moony shots as I get them. I hope i get some great ones that match our hearts and feeling about the beauty and splendor of a full moon.


  23. ***mo'ikeha...
    Good morning to you in Athens. Oh the lovely pictures Athens creates in my head.... It must be amazing to live there. I wish you luck on your last lesson. Enjoy the time with your kids, and I will need to research now what phase the moon was in when I was born. It sounds as though you know your self well enough not to be upset for not being able to sleep on the full moon. Good for you!!! I think it would be a very cool thing to be born during the full moon.

    Have a peaceful day.


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