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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams can take you places and show you where you could be this time tomorrow

I had a dream last week.
A dream I was awake in.
A vivid dream I'll never forget.

I know it has a meaning, and want to find out what it meant. I'm sending it to a woman who interprets dreams, A Dreams Teller. I found her on the blog, "Fool Stop" by Jase. I'll post the link to her, and her interpretation of my dream after she analyzes it. I have a few ideas what it means but I am curious to hear what she will find hidden in my dream. This is her gift, her calling. I hope you are as curious as I am to hear what she finds.

Here is the dream;

I was walking on a beach with cliffs above me to my left, and large boulders at the base jutting up out of the sand. The sand, the waves, the rocks, my skin, and the air was washed in an iridescent, warm, pink glow from the sunset. The atmosphere had a mystical quality to it and I felt at peace. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge rainbow trout flopping on the sand, trying to hide from me behind the boulders. It was larger, fatter than normal and it was the most beautiful rainbow trout I'd ever seen.
I could read its thoughts and it was taunting me. It told me I could never catch it. I instantly knew I must catch it. I began chasing it, and caught it with my hands.

It was larger than I expected once I caught it. As if by instinct, I knew I had to choke it; choke the life, the air out of it. I was perfectly calm reasoning with myself that I had to do it. I am not by nature a killer in any sense. I am a huge animal lover so it was not killing it for the sport or challenge. With each

second that passed I knew I had the power to let it go. I could stop the process of taking it's life, taking its energy away from it--the choice was literally in my hands to decide. But I knew I must not stop. I held on. Never once did I look at this great fish eye to eye while I choked it. I suppose I knew it would try to reason with me if I looked it in the eyes.

I was poised, strong, and never wavered. After what seemed like a long battle, the fish changed in my hands. I was now holding what felt like a small mammal with a tiny neck, so fragile in my hands.

It was here the dream ended. I did not feel remorse or like I had murdered anything.


  1. I will be curious to find out what the meaning might be. Dreams can be so freaky sometimes.

    Sweet Dreams tonight.


  2. Wow what a powerful dream. I am anxious to find out the interpretation.
    I don't remember my dreams.

  3. That's a very unusual dream. I'll be looking forward to Dreams Teller's interpretation of your dream.

  4. Seems as if my son dreamed too, waking him up at 03.00 o'clock. Spend some time 'talking' about it, and luckily he slept again afterwards, leaving me a few hours too.
    Have to pack my bag for todays lessons, hope to return this time tomorrow (what a great place to be).

  5. Wow that is trippy. Apathy...I lived apathetic for many years...but the choking...if you were choking, I'd think a different thing, but you choked something....this is a noodle scratcher!!!I'm looking forward to the interpretation!

  6. That is some powerful dream,I can see why you won't forget it. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I have a confession to make, my name is not Lily it is the name of my dog. Many people have assumed that you are not alone. Lorrie

  7. Wow Lillie Dane, That is a powerful dream. Strange how our entire living breathing body and mind can do that to us even while sleeping. I hope it will bring you peace when you get your answer. Lucy

  8. Those are the kinds of dreams I have! Not that I've ever had to choke a trout... I'll be curious to see her interpretation.

    PS Ali loves your comments!

  9. Did I forget to tell you? You have an award waiting at my author blog...

  10. I love the poppy paintings by the way. And your dream was a real fish tale. I hope it has a happy ending!

  11. Very powerful and mystical, I too look forward to a meaning.

    In your spare time, I have a little award for you.


  12. I have very vivid dreams too. Some I feel at times are traumatizing. those are often the nite terrors. I too would like to know how she interprets this dream.

    Most times I can interpret my own dreams. I know they all have meaning and in most case they do come true with me in some way or form.

    I beleive dreams are a way to leave messages for us. Like we are messengers. Its up to us how we pass on the messages...if we have the courage to share it. Fear stops us because we don't want to be looked at as crazy nuts! LOL Know what I mean.

    I am going to read your dream again and see how I can interpret it for you! but love that link u were referring too.

    Safe hugz,
    A Mom's Journey

  13. Well Lilly...after re-reading it, I understood the meaning of it. However I don't want to post it here. If u like, email me and I will tell you. Or if I find your email I will email you of what I read from it.

    but I would like to know what your interpretations of them were.

    Safe hugz,Dee
    A Mom's Journey

  14. ***hello dreamers...
    twippy, powerful, unusuwal, fweaky...vewwy, vewwy stwange. Gotta be caused by wearing monkey pants to sleep in... hehe

    I understand what you said, Sista Rain, about apathy. I am so happy you have found the tools, passion, desire, and the will to move out of that apathy. :-) The choking part is creepy to me... cweepy, too.

    (Lille makes a mental note to herself to lay offa da spicy food before bedtime....)

    Robert...awwww sometimes we just need someone to listen to us after we have a bad dream... or any type of dream that is vivid. It's nights like the one your son had of you coming into his room after his dream to sit in bed with him, and just "be there"... that he will remember long after the "cweepies" from a bad dream have left. That made me feel warm n' fuzzy all ova.... :-)

    WOW, Dee... I am so sorry you have such wicked dreams. But having the insights you have about them must be healing, and a way for you to grow. Sometimes I can easily understand my dreams... other times I just chew on them til they dissolve.. PS... Dee, you can leave me your interpretation of my dream in the comment section. I just won't post it...unless I feel it is helpful to my reader's... I'll watch for it. Thank you!!

    OH boy... Thank you MzzLily... I will come see whatcha got waiting for me on your writer's blog... thanks!!!!

    Oh wow-zee-wow-wowzers, Judy...SQ.... I'm gonna see whatcha got for me, too!!! PS Judy... I sent you a pic of a bee on a poppy on twit... I was practicin'... oh boy I think I'm flunking twitter school... Thank you!!

    Thank you everyone... I got a response from the dream lady.... I'll be right back with her "evaluation of my spicy-food-eatin'-too-late-and-wearing- monkey-pants-to-bed-symptoms"

    :-) :-) :-) Ummm one of these smiles is for Ali.... wink-wink-ka-dink ;-)

  15. Well, I must say I had no idea about the accident when I interpreted your Trout Dream. This is my first visit to your site (Hi to everybody). Thank you so much Lille Diane for mentioning A Dreams-Teller and linking. Will link back to you.

    Knowing helps heal, I believe.

  16. Hi Lilly Diane, when I read your dream I thought that the fish represents you and your life and the fact that you now have anxiety over that issue since the accident (a car right?). You see yourself as a creative beautiful larger than life person who expresses a thriving kind of living. The near death (feeling or actuality) has caused you to need power over life and know you would have compassion for the fish (creative aspect of your life)so you avoid the connection...that is you don't want to feel weak are willing yourself to be have the power over life and death. When you kill the fish two aspects of your feelings are present; one is that you need to have control over your fear of life...(the helpless feelings triggered by the PTSD)and the other relates to your creative if your choosing real living over vujnerable creative self-expression. I see it as a temporary state...a healthy dream where you claim your own power to live after fear...a before you and an after you is present here. However, once you have accepted you own power to live and are secure again...the vunerable self (rainbow fish) will be given a space to thrive again.

    Thank you for sharing your dream. I also have gone through this experience of a near death and then the adjustment of trying to take charge of my life again. And I live in the mountains in the Caribbean now...a move from Southern California to Puerto Rico. I think your dream is empowering and necessary for your healing process.
    Love to you. <3

  17. Wow, what a powerful dream! I learned a powerful way of interpreting dreams from Martha Beck's book, "Steering by Starlight." Have you read it? If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you more info about it.


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