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Friday, June 12, 2009

My dream's interpretation from A Dreams-Teller for this time tomorrow

Hello all...

Here is the interpretation from my dream of the rainbow trout I posted a couple of days ago.

A Dreams-Teller


Nice to have you visit the dreamer's site and leave one of yours. Let's have a look to see what it means:


You walk on the beach feeling in the pink. Everything for you is calm and serene at sunset. So night is approaching (in the dark). The cliff looms over you to your left (the heart side). May symbolize a decision you are struggling with which causes emotional issues and feelings. You may be thinking you need to strengthen your resolve, let go of sentimentality and become firm and solid like the rock.

The fish "trout" is out of water. Could suggest the way you are feeling in waking life in a current situaton. Or you may be looking closer at beliefs, attitudes of yours that lie beneath the surface that are being supressed yet arise anyway. They taunt you, you choke them back. The neck of the small animal (a very vulnerable part of the body in animals and humans) means exposure, taking a risk, trusting yourself or someone else and maybe more communication (vocalization) is needed before you proceed.


Lille Diane said...

Thank you, so much. I wondered why it impressed me I was walking south and noted the cliff was on my left.

I struggle (daily) with PTSD from an auto accident. Many times I feel childish or small for feeling so vulnerable on the highway driving or even riding in a car. I don't let on most of the time how scary driving is for me.

If you have time, please, read my post from a few days ago, I talk about an incident over the weekend that left me feeling completely choked and I'm in shock how the accident still affects me. I never screamed once during the accident. Maybe I just need to go somewhere and scream. I've choked it back too long.

Amazing to me as well is the fact that I had this dream last week before this recent event.

I'd like to post your response to share with my readers about your gift, and also to bring you more readers. I posted my dream on my blog and linked it to your blog. There are so many people out there who have PTSD like I do, and I feel I'm helping them---just like they are helping me. Blogging is such a powerful tool.

What you are doing is truly a blessing. I know the blessings will come back to you for all the generosity you've shown so many. Thank you again.

Thu Jun 11, 05:49:00 PM 2009

Blogger A Dreams-Teller said...



Thank you for your feedback. It helps immensely to hear back from dreamers. As a result, more people learn about this site and find help.

I do believe that understanding our dreams releases fears we often hold onto far too long. Dreams may seem nonsensical but that is the nature of dreams, as they do the job of refreshing the dreamer's mind clearing out all the cluttered thoughts and emotions.

I wish all my dreamers...


Fri Jun 12, 10:40:00 AM 2009

Thank you so much, A Dreams-Teller!


  1. Hello fellow bloggie, a quick hi and to let you know I presented you with an award, so visit tinkalicious to claim it, (or not)! I know some people are outawarded (is that even a word), and do not want to be bothered accepting any more, I get it and won't take offense (it can be time consuming to fulfill, I know). Anyway, hope you have a terrif weekend and see ya next week! tinks

  2. That is interesting I read it a few times. I hope it helps you. Sasha wants you to know that she appreciates when you visit her.


  3. Very interesting thoughts on the trout dream. I seldom remember if I do dream but when younger had wicked nightmares. Screamed and woke the whole house.

  4. I hope the interpretation helps you in your daily work of overcoming PTSD. I found her interpretation very interesting. Now I'm trying to remember some of my dreams!

  5. Lilli- nice interpretation. I did see a little bit of that myself when I read your dream at first but I also saw other things that she didn't mention.

    Safe hugz,

  6. Thank you everyone. I thought A Dreams Teller had some interesting input about my dream.

    I might try writing my dreams down in a journal. Well.... just the powerful ones. I do think dreams help us solve issues or challenges we are going through.


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