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Monday, June 15, 2009

101 List Items are becoming history this time tomorrow

Slowly but surely, I march on completing creative tasks on my 101 List. I'm still figuring out a way to post completed items, yet to be fulfilled items, and new ones I'm adding. These types of items on my 101 To Do List are not negative for me. This type of inner work calms me. Brings me into focus. Charts my creative process. Fills me with awe, feelings of success, and lets my child art-heart come out to play with freedom. It truly is the best therapy out there... at least for me dealing with PTSD.

One of my passions is putting new twists on old things, especially furniture. I've done this my entire life. The term shabby chic is simply the way many creative types like myself had to live to have anything beautiful around us (or to sit on, sleep on, look at, etc...) We naturally know how to make do with what we have; tweak it if it needs it, slap it with another coat of paint--you can always repaint it another color--cover it with a sheet, grab it off the curb before it goes into the dumpster, and stalk yard sales. Cheap is great...Free is BETTER!

Staging is one of my gifts. I see an area, and I stage it. Staging makes me happy. Every, tiny item in every corner of my world is strategically placed to make one (and myself) feel enlightened, happy, inspired or relaxed when they (I) look at it. It's art... art in a 3 dimensional format. The entire world is my palette, and I love making my world a unique place to be. I call it Woodstock Lily Style, my style--you each have your own. I know many of you reading this understand exactly what I mean in making your environments uniquely "you".... That's the way it should be.

Superman has a table in his back yard at his Fortress. That's it above in it's "before" state. From the first moment I laid eyes on this begging-to-be-painted-beauty-in-the rough table, I had to make it special. So, thus, began our adventure of putting a little love, and color, in Superman's backyard. I'll post more updates, side by side, as it unfolds into a vibrant rainbow of colors for you to feast upon.


  1. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. It screams "paint me!" Yes, I understand. Hubby does not.

  3. Looking forward to all the updates..nice read..makes me wanna make my own 101 list :)

  4. The first photo of paint makes me happy. :) I love paint and can't wait to see the finished table.
    tina :)
    p.s. I hear you on the blog award thing. I have gotten where I just give them to anyone who reads and wants to grab it--no one specifically. Not enough time! :)

  5. Peggy too is a stager, although she does it mostly with her button collection which is almost a full-time job for her.

  6. Great table. Beautiful colors. Can't wait to see waih you do!

  7. I can't wait to see it. I love the music you have on, it is so peaceful I want to stay and listen. Sasha says hi to Opie


  8. Can't wait to see this when its done! :)

  9. Lille Diane!! What an inspiring project you have laid before our eyes! The colors are delicious. I am curious, now, what the final look will be. Although I love the calm, weathered and sturdy look of the unadorned, the table is older now and needs something special. Kind of like a lot of us older folks, too. A little color will certainly cheer everyone! Good luck with this project! :D

  10. I totally understood that, I do it myself. I think I may have written about it once, but it didn't come out nearly as eloquent! I love to paint my "finds" and make unique one of a kind treasures out of trash. This of course started from necessity, but now I'd rather do it that way then buy something new.

  11. I left a comment but I didn't see it post :( Is your blog one that has a delay for comments?

  12. Good morning... or good evening to some... ;-)
    Well, heck, I may as well say good afternoon, too. G'Day!!

    Me and you both! I'll post a couple other pieces I've done when I finish this table. Fun, fun, fun...

    I heard it screaming, too. In the middle of winter I heard it scream. "Pppppp...aaaaiinnnn....ttttttt.... mmmeeeeee...." Kinda like that...
    seriously... things-objects can call you out by name to rescue them. Bring a brush and get on up here, Mzz!

    Thank you for stopping by. Please come often, read, and make a list of all the wonderful things you want to do with your wonderful life. I have found great strength, peace, satisfaction, and rewards for the heart doing this. Thank you so much!

    Oh my gosh, I love the first pic the best. I, too, love paint. I had a huge bucket of glazes (paints) and began taking them out one by one to see which colors "spoke" to the table. I'm not into any "who'who'voo'doo" just know certain colors belong on certain pieces.

    And thank you for the understanding on the awards. I have the kind of brain that can walk into one room to do something... then after a few minutes I remember I need something from another room....then I go to that room...when I arrive there I notice something needs to be i start on thing you know 5 hours have gone by .... I walk back into the room I was in earlier and stand there with a bewildered look on my face... "Oh crap, I forgot I was folding those clothes...."

    I was this way before the auto accident but now I'm really bad this way. I think my brain got shook up like a martini. LOL

    Yes, there is a delay in potst & they need my approval to post. ;-)

  13. ***Snow...
    Hello my friend. I hope you are feeling better. I am so curious about Peg's buttons, and her staging. I have had a thing for buttons, too, since I was little. I have a big jar of them on my shelf in the studio. Some were my grandmothers. Others I picked up at garage sales. I love looking at them. Does she have any pix or do you? Would love to see what she does.

    Thanks for visiting. I'm coming over tonight to catch up with the wonderful stories you write. HEY everyone.... go read Snowbrush-- his stories are journeys you walk in with him, and you feel and see each turn around the page to the next adventure....

    Thank you, sweet pea. Opie says purrrrr to Sasha.

    ***Joanna J...
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    ***Jess and Chloe...
    How is that lil girl! How are you too???? Thank you for taking Chloe for a walk over to the tree house. Bring her back so she can see what it looks like finished. :-)

    So nice to see you! I hear you completely, I love wood, too. Part of it will remain in its natural weathered look. I think.... lol I have to wait until I see the next stage finished to fully determine that. But barn wood is like art to me in its natural state.
    I'll let everyone know when it's finished.

    Thank you. I believe more and more people are discovering the beauty of recycling. Thrift stores are booming! Many people are making commitments to buy only used items such as furniture, clothing, etc. Some are even dumpster diving for food to show the world how much food is wasted.

    I think there will be more opportunities for artists to use their gifts to recycle tattered into treasures.

    I added to Tina's reply but meant it to be for you... (brain fart zone) Yes, there is a delay in my replys and your comments being posted. Must be approved before they show. ;-)

    ***MzzLily... Thanks for sending the addy. winkity, winkity, winkity....

  14. Comments are like little awards most definately.


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