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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She hung her undies out for one and all to see this time tomorrow

This will be a colorful post because I'm not hiding anything. I'm hanging it all out there for everyone to see. Everything.....

Well, actually it's a list I hung out for everyone to see.
But it feels like I'm nekkie because I officially posted
my 101 List on the side bar of my blog.... I'm accountable now.

Psssttttt... it's what I said I'd do in my header up above....
I'm hanging my "undies out" for everyone to see.... what were you thinking???

See the rocker...
It's a hint of things to come on my 101 List, item # 35, listed on my side bar.

See the candles.... This is one of the items on the list, # 86.

I think I could sit here with an attitude of gratitude for a very long time. Well, at least until one of the items on my list calls me from my reverie to accomplish it. I'm incredibly grateful to have the breath, the desire and the ability to answer the call.

For all of you who are new to my blog, the items on the list were listed in previous posts. It took over 7 weeks to compile my creative list. The XOXO means it has been accomplished. Ahhh, it feels good to hang my undies out.....


  1. OK the title did it. I get the candles? The rocker?

  2. Well congratulations on the 101. I like the rocking chair too.

    You have a beautiful personality and your colors reflect so many things about you; bright and cheerful. The candles are warm and inviting. I like candle light. It kind of mutes things but fills a room with comfort at the same time.

  3. Great list!!! I like #46, #59, and #94!

  4. I love all the pictures, but especially the second one and I am glad you hung out your undies.


  5. that's why you deserve me to bow for you in respect of your writing and the colourful way of discribing this time tomorrow.
    just put the pens from my son away as he left for his granny and me soon for my lessons.
    please have a nice and colourful day.

  6. @TC... LOL you made me smile. Thanks!!

    @Rae... Thank you so much. I had to redeem the rocking chair after power washing the varnish right off of it... using a power washer is addicting. Once you start you just want to go up and down the street power washing everything in sight.... but back to the story... I was heart sick when I saw I had nearly ruined the rocking chair my Mom gave me. I looked at it one day & decided it just needed a creative splash of paint to bring out its uniqueness. It is my favorite chair. Superman's table will be fun like this.

    Color is soothing to me, Rae. Thank you for writing a lovely comment that leaves me with rosy pink cheeks and twinkling blue eyes. You are precious.

    @Nicole... Wow thank you for taking the time to read the list. I wrote it in sections and when I saw it all together for the first time I was like..."WOW...I did it! I made a "real" 101 list."

    Most of my life I wrote down bits and pieces of what I wanted to do. It took a near death experience to prompt me to really exam what I wanted to do with the precious time I have walking this beautiful planet. It opened up my eyes to so much! Thank you for encouraging words.

    PS I like your choices of my choices, too. A train ride across Canada.... ahhhhhh I will do it. I'm printing out the list as soon as I post these comments. And my book is a dream I've had for over 35 years. I will post an excerpt very soon....

    @Anne... I had so much fun shooting this series. It was so raining hard, the skies dark, and it was flat out "scare-weeeee" outside with the tornado so close by. It calmed me while waiting the storm out and especially since my boyfriend in a cat suit was hiding under the bed, I was alllll by muhself and I had to get creative.... (poor baby was terrified--I would have been under there, too, 'cept' I don't fit....)

    Thank you for being so faithful to stop by to see me. It means so much...

    @robert... You are the master writer, robert. I love coming to visit you and finding pearls, diamonds, and soul food in your words. Tis' I who bows at your genius, your sensitive heart and kindness.

    I hope more people will go discover the true gentleman you are, and the brilliant way you have with words. Thank you, my dear friend...

  7. YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN! :-) :-)


  8. you brought sunshine into my morning. what a wonderful ~ colorful ~ and delightful imagination you share with your readers. cheers to you as you continue your 101 countdown.

  9. The old lady trying to steal some of your youth. I must have met you through Rain. I love your style.

  10. Good luck on that list.. and these candles are just beautiful. I particularly love the one in the evening when they are shining, dispelling the darkness. Love it.

  11. ~~Lorna,
    Thank you so much for stopping by the tree house. I try to keep my monkey pants on. It's hard to stay cranky when you're wearing them.

    Awwww thank you for the encouragement! 101 things is a big undertaking but they are all things I really want to do versus "HAVE" to do. And especially thanks for visiting!

    I just think you are wonderful! I come visit you so I can look at the picture of you and hubby dancing (always makes me smile) and to read what you have got cooking up. You are a doll, Lucy, dear.

    ~~I heart fashion..
    Thank you, too, for seeing what we have going on up here in the tree house. Come back soon. ;-)

  12. I am going thru some of my followers blogs, so I am new. I don't "do" awards either, but I do appreciate the sentiment, so I understand. This post is colorful in more ways than one. I hang my undies out a bit in my blog as well. Good therapy. ~Mary

  13. I hope your to do list never ends. That means you will keep growing.

  14. I’m glad you made your list! Completing it from time to time will bring you one step closer to one sweet celebration! I may not have known you for long but I want you to know that I’m very proud of you for quitting your smoking habit. That it self is a great accomplishment! You’re very inspirational and thank you for being my first blogger fan! I am honored. Keep on with your list, don’t give it up because it’s coming along well! See you later.

    Ms. NiƱo

  15. Wow! You're not going to have all these done by this time tomorrow, are you?

    I quit smoking 10 years ago in Dec '08. Congrats on that and the other xoxo's! Sounds like you've got a lot more paint to buy!


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