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Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a rainy day at the tree house. This vase of fairy flowers can chase away any clouds.

Since I can't go kayaking as planned with Superman to meet Dylan, Melissa and Max, the Wonder Boy, on the lake shore beach... I'll paint instead. I realized I've only been out of the house once in a car (as a passenger) since Saturday when I experienced the "push forward" (new name I'm giving to the word "set-back" for PTSD side affects)

I've taken a couple of walks around the lake, and on Sunday night had an unexpected offer from my neighbor, Mr. J. to take a moonlight ride on his pontoon boat around the lake. How could you say no to an offer like that? Within minutes we were skimming the surreal waters at a gentle pace, and soaking up the rays of a bold faced moon. Suddenly we saw several mysterious things floating on the water. We strained our eyes to see what it was. It was a flock of geese swimming, and their bodies appeared as though they were wearing reflective clothing to alert boats at night where they were. I must say the geese looked eerie and cool at the same time. Later we determined it was their brilliant, white tail feathers that reflected the moon light, and glowed like beacons. Smart little guys, those geese are....

Nature is always surprising me... Leaving me scratching my head, and saying, "Wow. I never knew that." Or, "Wow...that's the first time I ever saw one of those...."

But other than that I have not ventured out this week. That's OK, I suppose. I'm just not feeling secure enough to drive right now. That's OK, too. I have enough to be awed by right here in my own back yard. I'll have to find some reflective gear to put around my car, my mind, my fears. Hmmmm.... maybe wearing some white tail feather's would cushion my thoughts. Hey, white tail feathers AND monkey pants.... now that's an idea!!! That combo would surely keep the clouds of dread away.... don't you think???


  1. You really do write beautifully and inspirationally!...I also wanted to let you know that I'm giving you a "One Lovely Blog" Award;)! Check out my latest blog, and pass it on!!

  2. Hi Lille Diane! First of all, I really enjoyed that floating music as I read your post! Great choice! I love the push forward! Just changing the words of a situation to two strong and positive words should change your frame of mind. I think that's a great leap forward for your recovery!!!

    Wow, a moonlit pontoon boat ride? I'm so jealous!!! That sounds like it was breathtaking! I agree with you, I'm constantly in awe of nature too. I didn't realize that about the geese, I guess because I've never seen them in the dark! I'm feeling okay today, hope all is well hon!

  3. I want to see a picture of that outfit!

  4. Hi Lille Diane,

    White tail feathers and monkey pants sre essential items.

    Take it easy sweetheart.
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.


  5. What a great walk that must have been. Too bad you couldn't get a picture of those glowing geese. Nature is a wonderful thing.

  6. I was there with you on that drive around the lake, how nice. Every day you will find new strength. I have suffered from agoraphobia and at times it would be months before I could go out, but I did, each day got better. I wish you the best.


  7. Please stop by my blog. I have an award to give you.

  8. Hang in there. I know how you feel! By the way, my middle name is Diana!

  9. ***Studio Petite..
    You are so kind, and may I say extremely talented, too. (Psssst everyone go peek at her art... she has a cozy little studio in New York City. She's living her dreams. Her newest painting Kitty in the Grass is so awesome!

    Thank you for the award!

    I could see you, Winston and Spencer head bangin' and listenin' to the tunezzz. Groovin' baby. It makes me happy to know my music is making people happy. I paint while my play list plays.

    I know what you mean about never seeing a goose in the dark. LOL I tell you what Sista, you get down here & we'll take you out on the pontoon day or night!


    I will have to post a pic. Well after I find a willing goose to "borrow" a few feathers from. hehehe


    Oh sweet, Herrad. You are so right. Everyone needs to have some sassy white tail feathers underneath their monkey pants. Did you ever see the movie "Michael" with John Travolta? He was the angel and he had wings that kept shedding?? I know this for sure... you have angel wings. I see them when I read your posts. :-) I hope your day has been wonderful, and your tomorrow even better.

    Love & hugzzzz

    ***LB Michelle...
    Oh it was! Yes, good idea. Next time I will bring my camera to see if i could snap those glowing tail feathers. ;)


    It's so comforting knowing someone understands. The human brain is a complicated, marvelous, and powerful thing. I am encouraged by you and appreciate you taking time to share a piece of you with me. Thank you for "being" there with e on the moon lit lake tour. :-)



    Thank you, Rae!!! How sweet! I'll pop over to see what is waiting for me at your place. :-)


    You, my little buttercup, are sweeter than honey! Telling me that was like a hug, and we all need hugs. How kewl is that--your middle name???? We are like an Oreo... I'm the creamy white filling between you and MzzLily.... get it??? Lille (creamy white filling) Diana... I know... I'm twisted . LOL


  10. I think you sometimes forget to see what you look at everyday.

  11. As far as I can see with your delightful sense of humor and your wonderful ability to paint and find beautiful flowers, You are moving along at a good pace as far as riding in a car. I think once you feel ready to drive you will start with fear and then become more confident. One block from home I was rear ended at a red light I was stopped at. It was only a month or so after my husband passed away and he was so proud of our little Buick Special. The man that hit me totaled my car with the rear quarter panel of his car because he was going fast and drunk and was braking hard so his car turned sideways. He then tried to leave the scene of the accident so I got on the hood of his car till the police got there. Of course I was 37 and more mobile at the time. Sorry to take up your space but thought it might make you feel like you are making good progress.

  12. Beautiful lake water rolling off of the geese, never penetrating; it rolls off of their feathers leaving them always comfortable. Don't you wish you could allow the painful aspects of life to just roll off of you the way the geese do? It's like nature is speaking to symbols...wear reflectors...sheild yourself...what a beautiful lake image you describe, Lille Diane. May you feel comfortable driving again and in all of life -soon. <3

  13. Lovely blog, you write beautifully .x.

  14. ***Jase...

    I'm not sure what you meant by saying;"I think you sometimes forget to see what you look at everyday." But I think we all do that to an extent with or without PTSD. Still chewing on this...maybe it will come to me what you meant...


    I am so sorry you had to go through that accident especially at such a vulnerable time for you. But I have to say when you wrote how you hung onto the hood of the car till the cops got there... well, Lucy, girl...I bow in total reverence to you. You are the Queen of "Don't Mess Wiff Me Dang-it" I will snicker all day about that.

    And you did make me feel better. Thank you so much.


    Welcome to the tree house! Thank you for hopping in the nest with all the other wonderful people who hang their happy hats here.

    Yes, I do wish I had geese feathers. But I suppose it is the dirt, grit and "stuff" that sticks to us that gives us our substance. I have always faced all my life challenges head on... some have taken more time than others but I still have been one to look at the junk in my trunk. I want to live my life without carrying extra baggage around.

    The PTSD has baffled me. It comes on suddenly, with no warning. Literally out of the blue. This past week was particularly rough and unlike any I'd had since January. I'll get better and better at letting this roll off my back. Time is sometimes all we need to face tomorrow better...

    Thank you.

    ***i heart fashion...

    Thank you so much! I hope you'll fly back to the tree house (soon) with some tips to help me and Opie T accessorize our monkey pants... geez we need you. :-)

  15. It scares me to venture out, and I haven't even been in an accident. I do it though, partly because I must, and partly because I feel better when I do.

    I too love nature. Peggy and I haven't camped this year due to my surgery. Since I have to sleep in a chair, often need narcotics and sleeping pills, and am dependent upon a CPAP to keep me breathing when I'm drugged; it wouldn't be safe.

    I think you have some spiderwort in your photo. I loved it in Mississippi, but don't recall seeing it here in Oregon.

  16. This is gorgeous and perfect for the Color Carnival! Thanks for playing along with us this week. I'll have the linking list up later this evening :-)

  17. Very nice spot of color! So nice you got out for a ride on the lake, lovely description of the geese at night:)


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