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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This time tomorrow is celebrating six months smoke freeness....

Six months ago I quit smoking....
I have much to celebrate. Much to be thankful for. More to look forward to.


  1. Congratulations! I quit 07/07/07 I can't believe it's been almost 2 years. I smoked for 26 years. I'm so grateful every day that I quit. I hope you are at the point where you don't think about smoking everyday. It took me nearly a year for that phase to go away. Congratulations again!!!

  2. Thank you, Kirby. Congratulations to you, too!!!
    The urge still comes around once in awhile but rarely now. It's more of a "Hmmmm what did I forget to do???" Or "What should I be doing right now?" It's like a what's missing thought.... Then I remember "Oh, yeah. I would've had a cig right now..."
    Thanks for the encouragement & hope you'll stop back by the tree house.

  3. Congrats! 6 months is a huge milestone!

  4. Congratulations Lillie Diane!! I know it is not easy to quit.

  5. December 4th, 1998! Almost eleven years! I started smoking when I was fifteen. When I found out that the tobacco companies added stuff to make them more addictive, I got really angry! I'm glad, otherwise I'd still be puffing away...

    Now I'm one of those people that can't stand the smell! Congrats! You'll be rich!

  6. I am exceptionally proud of you!!!! For many years I gave IV chemotherapy to patients with lung cancer & we all know the #1 cause.
    A very hard habit to break but you did it. YEAH!!!
    Great job. Woohoo.

  7. ***Once Upon a Blue Crow...
    Thank you for flying over to the tree house to say hello & cheer me on! WOOT!!! ;-)

    So nice of you to stop in, say hello, and pat me on the back!!! Thank you!!! Please come back again...

    You precious, sassy woman!! Thank you so much!!! LOVE the pic on your blog...LOVE it!!!

    Congratulations!!!! Mine would have been a 23 year celebration of stopping but I started back up (after 17 years quitting) almost 6 years ago... I know...I know..."what was I thinking?!?!" Stupid idea one night after a glass or two of wine that "just one ciggy butt" wouldn't hurt me.... Sigh....

    "ONE WILL HURT YOU!!!" (sorry I yelled but it's true)

    Thank you so very, very much. I quit in the hospital. I was in for almost a week. I was sneaking out in my hospital gown, IV in my arm, and IV pole dragging behind me like a stray dog--to smoke. It was one of the harshest December's we'd had in OH in years. Single digits, wind chill 20 below.... My face, hands, and fingers were so cold I thought I had frost bite. I stood there thinking, "What a frigging idiot you are, Lille."

    I went back in the hospital, tossed my pack and my lighter in the trash, and asked the nurse for a nicotine patch. She was more than happy to give it to me. She also kicked my "happy" meds up a wee bit, too. I think she knew I might need it. When Superman brought me back to the tree house later that week when I was released, I handed him an unopened pack I had in a drawer. He and Dylan, my best friend, cheered me on, and still do. They are proud of me and.... I am humbly, gratefully, passionately, joyfully and tearfully proud of myself. Thank you so much, Rae.

  8. Hi Lille....

    OOPS...I see you are not accepting Awards...and I just gave you a pretty neat one on my blog...sorry! Just know that it was given with respect ..

    Been 34 years for me to stop smoking...congrats!!!


  9. It is a good initiative to stop smoking. Congratulations.
    But beware, it is important that you know your own reasons for you to take long term. The desire to return comes only from you. You may don't want me when I tell you that I am in complete contradiction with some scientifics theories about dependency. Bookmanie has a theory: "Never lie to oneself."
    Talk to oneself, (a little of the principle of auto suggestion), with franchise is the best medicine.
    (Especially, do not take me for a fool).

  10. sweet, sincere
    c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

    i know that can't be easy... but
    you deserve to feel proud, joyful!

    take special care~

  11. Fantastic! We all have our demons; it's good to hear you've got a leg up on your's.

  12. Congratulations. That is a great achievement!
    Take care.

  13. congratulations to you. I never kept the date buy I am about 4 years smoke free. 10 pounds heavier, a few grades crankier, but happier than I was before!! - who's to say I wasn't gonna be fat and cranky anyway?!?!

  14. good for you ! senssitive people deserves to have a long life

  15. I have an award waiting for you.

  16. All I have to say is congratulations and bravo.

  17. That's fantastic. I've tried and failed so many times I can't even tell you.

    Be proud, it's not easy to quit

  18. Congrats on the six months, not an easy thing to do.

  19. Well done! That's something I have not accomplished yet.

  20. Lille Diane, I am so happy for you!!!! Congratulations on a long life ahead! You will now have time to complete another long and exciting list of 101 Things to Do!! And another dozen lists after that one! Freedom & happiness! And good health blessings on you!! :D

  21. Yay, yay! My husband has been smoke free for 2-3 years now and, like you, he is filled with gratitude and relief. Congrats on all your hard work and success!

  22. Thank you so much, everyone. I know some of you are still working on this... The "right" time will come for you when you are ready. And sometimes you're just not ready... I beat myself up too many times, and that never helps either. I am extremely aware that I should never get "cocky" about being smoke free. Trust me if I could be one of those "occasional" smokers--I would. But, I cannot. It's all or nothing for me.

    And a huge KUDOS to all of you have stopped!!!

  23. Congratulations!!! Don't you feel so much better? I quit in April 2005 and it took a little while for me to stop wanting a ciggie, especially with a glass of wine! But with time it fades...gotta love time huh?
    You look so beautiful in that photo, pensive, grateful, at peace!

  24. of the most difficult things i have ever done...21 years ago...

  25. congratulations! that is a great achievement. how do you intend to celebrate?

  26. I see you are another crazy/mad person who has decided to follow my babies! Ha! Reading my posts might make you start smoking again though! *teasing*
    I quit 16yrs ago from 60 a day to nowt, so I know congratulations are indeed in order *dance* Well done, you.

  27. A milestone! Yay for you -- keep up the good work.

  28. Congrats! We have been smoke free now for about three months, the Ronald had been smoking for forty years! How smug are we! :-D A small good thing!

  29. GOOD for you girl How do you feel?? My sister and I both gave up to big habits in the past 1 1 /2 years. Boy is it hard but a major accomplishment of the soul and spirit when you do!!! I look forward to following your journey on you blog .Glad you came by so I could find your blog too.

  30. All the positive response from you makes me wish I'd done this long ago.... Except the time was "just right" 6 months ago. Thank you, all your support will help keep me strong.

    My reward is getting my teeth whitened... well after I get some other dental work done beginning this next Monday. Gulp, this is another story waiting to be told. Wienie-wuss that I am.... But my pearlies will be dazzlingly white as a lily. =]

  31. Congratulations, June 1 was 1-1/2 years for me. I still miss it sometimes.


  32. Okay first of all, I love the song Lucky Man. Makes me smile. Second, congrats on your staying smoke free. I personally don't like smoking. Good luck with keeping it up. I know it can be tough staying off them.
    Hope you having a great week!

  33. Wowza!!! Congratulations! That's huge! Woohoo! *throwing confetti!*


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