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Thursday, June 25, 2009

All is well...update coming this time tomorrow

Opie Wan kept watch over me all day.

More about my trip to Dental Land and what I learned tomorrow.

Too tired and still a little groggy.

He waits on the stairs for me until I come home. See his face peeking through the curtain?

May the force be with you.


  1. So cute! I remember when I had my dobe. I would come home and see his fabulous long-eared silouhette (sp?)through the mini-blinds. Yeah, there was a couch there... Then the silouhette would suddenly vanish! "No, I haven't been on the couch."

    Hope today went well. I guess I'll know this time tomorrow...

  2. I know you can't see us but Sasha and I are doing a happy dance for you!!! I am so glad all is well. Now maybe I can talk myself into going. I doubt it. Rest and then please I need details.


  3. LOL no , I am not here to give awards, it's just the cutie cat is a cutie!:

    And Im giving the award to Opie. Here kitty kitty kitty.:D


  4. Oh, I so love the photo of Opie Wan peeking over the curtain, too cute.


  5. Oh, I hope you are doing better in the morning.

    Opie again reminds me of my white-and-ginger boy, Bleecker, who used to wait at the window. When he saw me he'd push his nose into the glass and do a bump-and-slide thing down the window. I'd call out to him: "Who is that bumpity boy?" .... Today I was looking at his baby pictures and missing him. Thank God for Willow!

  6. nice to have a concerned kitty ~hang in there...I was at dental land yesterday too!

  7. Groggy is good after Dental Land!!! Opie is so sweet! :) I'm happy all is well!

  8. What a sweetie. There is a whole lot of expression in those eyes. I would like to know the thought behind them too.

    Glad the dentist visit is over for you. Now you can let your mind rest.

  9. Your cat is named Opie Wan! That's awesome. And that's such a cute picture, kitty peering from behind the curtain, how funny.

  10. I love these little creatures. Whenever I drive away from home I see Cheyenne's face in the living room window looking out at me. It touches the heart.

  11. Hope all goes well, I'm met with a little fluff sitting in the chair by the window, I can see him from the car, I've tried not getting out, he starts whining.......

  12. Opie is adorable...a furry angel. I bet he's a sweet and devoted companion. (I found your blog from Leah's CED) - Glad your dental visit is behind you now :)


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