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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Splash On This Time Tomorrow

I took a plunge.... This end up... Remember that movie with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, "Overboard"???

"Ohhhhhh.... youuuuu did NOT???"

"Ohhhhh.... yes I did!"

Let's just say I didn't exactly have a graceful entry into my kayak today.... Oh, yeah. I ate it big time....

Good news...
  • Water was only waist deep.
  • My kayak didn't sink although it was a really close call.
  • No one laughed at me. If I'd have been watching me I would have laughed.... I looked like an edition of America's Funniest Home Videos...
  • I didn't get hurt.
  • And two guys fishing came to my rescue. Or rather they sped around to the other side of my island in their boat to get help from one of my neighbors after I asked them to. It was really nice of them to ask me if I needed help (with straight faces...) and they looked like they would have jumped in the water to assist had I merely whimpered. I was close to whimpering...
I chose a spot I rarely use to launch my kayak from. It's the place where the biggest, baddest spiders live. Gulp. I placed one foot on the floor (bed) of the kayak, and nervously looked where I was placing my hand when I should have been looking where I placed my other foot... And kerrrrr splassssshhhhh. Once the train pulled out of the station there was no stopping it. I do remember a colorful word coming out of my mouth. Maybe two....

It was all I could do to keep my kayak from sinking because it filled up with water so fast. My feet sank in sludge...gross sludge. The kind of sludge you don't want stuck between your toes or inside your swimming suit bottoms... But it was that kind of sludge.... Ewwwww!!! Double Ewwwwww!!

I lost a flip flop in the muck at the bottom of the lake. Actually it was a "fit-flop". This may have been when I whimpered. Fit-Flops are expensive sandals that are supposed to whip your butt into shape while you walk. I'll tell you what can whip your butt into shape.... pulling yourself, and a water-logged kayak that weighs about the same as a baby whale out of the water after you've cap-sized.

I am in mourning about the loss of my shoe. I'll bury the other shoe tomorrow. Besides, I can't go around with a half ass firm butt. That's just wrong.

But I got back on the pony... Back in the saddle....
Soggy, wet britches, tee shirt, and all.
Minus one fit-flop.

Plus one kayak full of "Ohhhh, YES I can!!!!


  1. The plus Kayaking in lily pads the minus seaweed!!!

  2. I am glad you are ok and I would have never laughed at you, how awesome that you got back on the horse. I will have a moment of silence for your shoe.................ok thats enough for a shoe, but I am sorry. Did you say you had Kurt Russell there with you? Can I come meet him? You want him all for yourself you say, ok I get it.

  3. That looks like fun, and more fun. Great way to spend a day.


  4. You go girl! I applaud your stamina and think you're very brave! I would have whimpered at the loss of a fit flop too,I want them but haven't been able to bring myself to pay that much for them. And LOL a half ass firm butt would be totally wrong. On another note, those are lily pads! Oh my goodness, water lilies are my favorite flower. I bet that place is absolutely beautiful when they bloom. I am so envious that this is your playground. Or swimmin' hole as the case may be. :-)

  5. The Ronald lost one of his favourite shoes in an epic proportioned mud puddle back in the winter, he's still in mourning for it. Have yet to capsize from a kayak, I know the day will come... and I dread it.. glad all ended well though (apart from lost the sole..):-D

  6. What a nice way to start this new week, re(ading)ceiving courage...connecting minds, as there was also much sea inside of mine, nevertheless on mind.

  7. Hi Lille Diane,

    Great post and photos lovely, forgot again about the music and jumped higher than I thought I could!!

    Happy Summer Solstice to you.

  8. I'm still mourning the loss of my favorite hat when I hit the water kayaking last Summer. Glad you lived to blog another day.

  9. Great way to start the week. Well, the kayaking.

  10. Great way to cool off. Just a little dramatic! LOL

  11. I know that kayak classes start with how to right yourself if you tip over. I guess a lot of people end up upside down, and don't know what to do.

  12. Aha...that's the reason I don't kayak. Well, a lost flip-flop isn't too bad. Oh, and I noticed Maxfield Parrish's Ecstasy on your sidebar. Maxfield Parrish is the reference artist for Michelle Burnett's "Following the Masters" challenge this month..should be interesting.

  13. Lille Diane, glad it's a case of all's well that ends well, even if barefoot and wet of backside... love your description of the muck at the bottom; at least you didn't go into it head first !

    Oh, and aren't the Watercats bad here... with their "lost soul"... they should be pun-ished...

  14. One of my favorite movies I have on tape! But if I had been there, (and you weren't hurt, of course) I would have laughed... sorry. I hate that mucky stuff!

  15. Wow, that looks like a lot of work! Good for you. Glad you're okay.

  16. I Lille! I missed your blog the last few days because I've been so behind!!! But I'm so happy I found this post because it reminds me of when I did the same thing with the pugs on the paddleboat, lol! Sorry for the loss of your shoe....I guess it's resting with your sunglasses huh? :) Good for you for getting out on the lake! You must have felt great being on the water!

  17. great post and pictures. is this were you chipped your toof?

  18. ~~Julie...
    LOL yes minus the seaweed is a huge PLUS!!!

    Yes, Kurt is in my guest room right now waiting for me... He and I have had a thing for each other long before Goldie was ever in the picture. He's helping me bury my fit-flop... Would you like to join us for dinner on the veranda?? (I always wanted to say that....) hehehe you are sneaky funny... I love that in a person!!!

    ~~Judy SQ...
    Oh it is fun! Even in soggy shorts!

    Thank you so much! Yes it is a big arse swimming hole... LOL OMGoodness no uneven buttage allowed! Anywhere, anytime! I know it will be awhile before I get another pair. sigh....

    ~~The Cats...
    May I call him "the Ronald", too??? Hilariousness!!! I had a great visual of "an epic proportioned mud puddle"... You crack me up, girl! I guess I am none worse for the wear. I still have my "sole" and it is happy to have had an adventure and survived.

    "re(ading)ceiving courage..." This is truly a great way to look at it. I adore the way you think, robert! Thank you!

    Happy Summer Solstice to you, too!! :-) Thank you! So sorry, sweetie, about the music. I have made myself jump sometimes, too, when I hear it come on suddenly... AND I put it there... oh boy... I must still have some water on the brain after my tipsy adventure...


  19. ~~Sharon...
    Oh my.... so you know all about the grief I am experiencing.... losing a treasured shoe or hat to an unruly kayak is one of those things one never "gets" over. The kayak can give pleasure and it can taketh away a shoe a hat in a heartbeat....
    Hugzzzzz for understanding...

    ~~Captian Dumbass....
    Tis I who am the dumb ass for getting in the kayak the way I did... LOL Do you know how much fun it is typing your name??? Wait lemme do it again... Captain Dumbass.... see what I mean?? Yes it did turn out to be a fine kayaking day in spite of my upset... Thanks for stopping by the tree house.

    "Great way to cool off. Just a little dramatic! LOL" Oh you said that right!

    There's my trouble.... no lessons. hehehe rut roh....

    I wondered if you had perhaps in Costa Rica... Hey, I will go over ASAP to check out Michelle Burnett's "Following the Masters" challenge this month espcially if it's a Maxfield painting. Nice to see you again!

  20. ~~Owen...
    YES I am so happy it wasn't head first! I know those "Cats" are playful! Pun-ished is correct! Thanks for giving this girl a great laugh, Owen. I need to get over to see your pics on the the festivals and fun in Paris! I'll pop over later tonight. :-) Thanks my friend.

    It is really play unless you fill er' up with H2o... I'm going to try my hardest not to do that again. Thank you for stopping by the tree house!

    ~~Sista Rain!!!!
    Thank you for coming by! I know I have been so behind, too!!! I love your new pics with your new camera!!! WOW! Thank you, too, for making me laugh just seeing pugs and paddleboat together in the same sentence! That is a visual, too! shades are RIP with the sunglasses... God Bless their soles.... (Owen.... I sorely need to be pun-ished for that one, too. Cats....your corny deeelicious humor is rubbing off on me... thank da lawd!) I missed you, Sista Rain! Hugzzzzz....

    LOL LOL LOL toofless laughter is the best kind.... Great wit! Love it... hehehe thanks for leaving a great comment!


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