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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lessons from the master on how to relax from this time tomorrow

I need some work on learning how to kick back, relax and not worry. Tomorrow is the big day. "D-Day"... Dentist Date. The anxiety is creeping into my throat. I'm trying to take a deep breath. I'm creeping myself out. I need something... I need a mentor to help me.

I need a Relaxation Drill.

Wait... I need another word... drill is triggering my anxiety.... lemme think a minute....

OK how's this? I need a relaxation plan and someone to show me how to relax.

Relaxation Plan
  • Find a large pillow.
  • Roll over almost belly up
  • Curl your hands in an adorable position
  • And your feet
  • Repeat as needed, and often
Now I need a good role model. Oh lookie what I found....

The Master Guru of Relaxation Opie Wan Kenobi

even his whiskers are relaxed....

not a care in the world.....

my hero......

my role model....

my super hero in a fur cape.....

Yes, I wanna look just like this when I climb into the chair tomorrow morning at the dentist.

Wish me luck.... and a huge truck load of Opie Wan Kenobi


  1. That last one didn't seem to work - I hope I'm not posting twice!

    Well – I think your kitty is the Zen Master !! We must bow down to his feline wisdom. I am so with you on the dentist front - hate it more than anything I can think of and it seems to be getting worse with age! One thing that helps is repetition of a mantra in my mind (cos I meditate with it regularly it helps to calm me). Also my dentist (who is brilliant yet has to put up with this attitude from me where I wince and wimper and act like he is that dentist out of Marathon Man - 'Is it safe?') , he has a TV on in the corner up near the ceiling and I focus on that - which helps. Daytime soaps are a remedy for dental fear? Have to be good for something! Good luck!

  2. you know cat's just have it made.....I wish I could take leaf out of their book! lately (it's is miserable boiling hot here) have been waking around 1 am and unable to go back to sleep! If i was a kitty, it wouldnt matter, but alas, I am not, just a mere fairy! Don't worry the dentist is not that bad, as someone who virtually lived in the (british health service) dentist chair from 11, you have it made here! I promise not to send any awards, you have enough to deal with! oxo tinki

  3. I love pictures like that. Make me laugh! :-)


  4. Good Luck friend. You will do fine. Kitty is so precious. Yes keep thinking about him.

  5. You will be fine. Use the force, Opie Wan will guide you and soon it will be done and just a distant memory.


  6. That's a mighty fine role model you've got yourself there.

  7. Why do we so love to watch cats relaxing? They do it best! Good luck on D-Day!

  8. good luck! I bet your dentist is a really nice person! Focus on making him/her feel good...dentists have a high rate of one likes seeing them. Make their day! I loved this post. It made me laugh...the cat is such a great role model!

  9. What a life it would be if you could relax like a cat.

  10. Opie Wan knows best when it comes to relaxation techniques. We could learn so much from out kitties if we would just take the time to listen.

    You will be fine.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Judy & Miss Cindi Lou Who

  11. High five Dianne! Thanks for visiting my blogland, and for leaving a comment!

    I like your sounds here.


  12. Lol! You fuNNy thing! Like i say to my youngest (she's afearred of tha dentist too!)on the way IN through the doors just see yourself coming OUT all haPPy and relieved, as you will be, promise xox

  13. Opie's got the right idea, lol! I can just picture you belly up, ha ha! Oh gosh Lille I hope all goes well today for you!!! I'm sending you good dope-filled sista vibes!!! It'll be over before you know it. In my experience the anxiety is horrible until after the needle, then I'm relaxed and it's all that the same for you? xxx

  14. The cat has style and wisdom and some far out zen blood running through him!... Listen to the cat, think like a smug kittie, make like the feline... Cover yourself in ginger fur and you'll be puurrrrfect.... (sorry).. :-D
    Sending good vibes, and some Irish mountain sunshine warmth to settle on your shoulders.. :-)

  15. Lol, I am now having cat ownership withdrawal symptoms... my lot have either expired or moved house :( an inspiration to us all the feline friend.

  16. :O) You are right!!! this lovely cat knows how to sleep with style!

  17. I don't have a cat, my relaxation pill is a Xanax!
    But he's a very cute cat. Good luck at the dentist-- my least favorite place on earth!

  18. ~~~Ohhhh thank you so much everyone for such sweet posts about my sweet Opie Wan. He truly takes care of me. He was raised by my miniature Dachshund, Miss Frankie (may she rest sweetly in her sparkling fur suit with wings) so he thinks he is a dog. Everyone who meets him agrees he is not a "cat". I simply adore every hair on his head and all those fluff balls scurrying across my floor or the ones I find attached to every piece of dark clothing I own....

    He talks to my Mom, my best friend Dylan, and of course Superman on the phone. Yes, I repeat... he talks on the phone. He comes running when he hears me talking, and literally pushes his face into the phone to talk (meow) with them. They always hear him, ask him something or acknowledge him, and he answers. I think I'll film him and send it to Ellen DeGeneres.

    Thank you for your well wishes, and thoughtful comments. Opie Taylor deserves his own blog but I cannot get a catmitment out of him yet. He said he'd sleep on it.

    Awwww thank you so much. I sincerely do appreciate the "heart" of giving awards. I accept your award as a sprinkling of fairy dust on me like a sparkly hug. I shall wear the honor as a glimmer in my eye always. I will pass it along every time someone laughs when they read something enjoyable Opie or I write on here. I hope that will occur often. I sincerely do.

  19. You'll be okay but good luck. I love how cat lay like that. My sister/roommate's cat Riley lays like that and he always looks so comfortable.
    I love the song Amber by the way. I love the band too. The lead singer is so hot...hehe.

  20. So cute. Don't cats just look like they have the life. I totally love cats.


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