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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Sassing Up the Table, Mable

Remember the table I was painting for Superman? (see post on 6/15/09 )

Top of table after painting slats.

Sides with base coat of decorative paint and final view of table after the stain is applied.

The late afternoon sunlight enhances the mood, and the stain softens the colors with warmth.

And having Wonder Dog give you a smile is the perfect cap on the day.


  1. beautiful table! I love it!

  2. i am so glad that you posted this amazing before and after project ~so inspiring your sweet assistant as well ;))

  3. That is really beautiful, it turned out great!


  4. ~~Nicole...
    Thank you! This was an awesome project. ;-)

    Thank you, too! Kiss pooch pie!

    Wonder Dog is a keeper! Thank you, elk! I have a couple of tiny things to finish on the table which I'll post, too. Sometimes it's those details that make really define the piece. :-)

  5. Your table turned out beauifully!

  6. ~~~Eva...
    Thank you for visiting today, and posting such a nice compliment.

  7. Absolutely beautiful job! Proof positive that sassy is ALWAYS better!!

  8. ~~Jess and Chloe,
    Thank you! Hey, how did Chloe do in the contest?? I think you may have the cutest lil doxie in the whole world!~~

    Oh, yes, I'm always happier with my sassy pants on. I can see a table likes its sassy paint on, too. Thanx for the sweet input. ~~

  9. Looking good, I can't wait to see what you do for the finishing touches you mentioned above.

    I'm back online, happy dance!!! It went out for a bit this morn and has been tweeky all day. Now I'm back!


  10. I was wondering when we were going to see the table again. Does Superman like it? I do!

    You can never have too much color!
    You are such a terrific artist. It shows in your attitude. I can't understand how some people seem satisfied in a neutral world...

  11. You're very talented.
    When I paint things it looks like someone fell over with an open paint tin.

  12. Wow yeah, you did do a really good job.

  13. It is fantastic. You amaze me with your multi-talents. I just found out today that you have a lovely singing voice also. I guess I should ask what don't you do?

    I appreciate the nice comments you left on my blog. I am glad to call you my friend.

  14. Well truly sassed up that table! It's gorgeous. Love the idea of staining it...the table liked it too.

    Also, wanted to share w/you a site you might like - and might be interested in sharing your stories about the healing benefits of creativity. If not...I bet you'll enjoy reading a litte of what others have shared:

    happy creating...

  15. This is beautiful!!! I wish you could come paint my furniture. What a pretty table!!!
    tina :)

  16. Is this one of your projects ticked off the list? Glad the dentist went ok. (Oh - and I love Yann Tiersen too! I discovered him when I saw Amelie and HAD to get the music!)

  17. Great job Lille! I love all the colors. I know what one for my balcony. :D

  18. colouredyness!.... That table looks stunning! If it wasn't pouring with rain outside I'd be tempted to do ours!

  19. You have such a flair for making things so festive! The colours are fabulous, great job!

  20. ~~~~Thank you so much!! If anyone would like a detailed description of how I did this, I'd be happy to blog about it. Let me know.

    Or hey make a pot of coffee & I'll come spend a day (or two-three) to paint something at your house that needs a little Woodstock Lily magic! I'm a low maintenance kinda girl who will have ya laughing at the craziest things. Ummmm.... anyone have objections if I snort occasionally when I laugh??? ;-)

    Opie makes me do that...

  21. I think that I will try a similar pattern on an old cabinet that has been sitting in my garage for years. I love all the bright colors. Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and I love the music too.

  22. It's after 2am and I should be in bed but I had to pop over to thank you for stopping by & following my "newbie" blog ~.~

    I like "the list" idea... I see others doing this too ~ I may do one as well!

    You did a fab job on the table!


  23. That's awesome! I've had a mosaic book sitting on my shelf for 3 years. I had intended to make some, and I've yet to do it! That's for the inspiration. Maybe I can keep the babies away from me long enough to do a project heh.


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