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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Owl and the Sassy Pants

I dreamed about the Tree House all night long. In the midst of the confusion and chaos in the dream, a baby owl landed on my arm. I could literally feel its soft feathers, and sensed it trusted me. It had a harness on, and was missing one wing.

Superman was in my dream, too, and I told him, "Look it's a baby owl! Remember when I told you I'd wrote down I wanted a baby owl to visit me? It happened just like I requested! See!! Writing it down does make things happen!"

I have the power within me to create my heaven or hell..... Even in my dreams I know when my Higher Power speaks the truth. I believe my inner wisdom was telling me to trust my instincts, and acknowledged the safe place is always within me--just a whisper away. All I have to do is ask for it. I left the chaos behind, and have a new place to build my nest. The injured owl reminded me I could fly free, and unencumbered, if I let go of the past, the anger, the hurt and trust in myself. I can rebuild what I felt had been taken from me. Simple as that.....

Last night I pushed through to higher ground, spiritually [and physically] by moving on, willingly, to the next phase in my journey called life. I choose to create a heavenly life.

OK I admit in the dream I did say a few things I'd bottled up to the people (woman) who moved in below me. Pfffttttt... I spit the ugly thoughts out like an angry three year old. And I have to admit.... it didn't feel as good as one would think it might. The negative words sounded trite, and childish, and my final words rolled off her back as if they had no Velcro to stick to. As in real life, some things are best left unsaid. They only poison you in the end. But if you're going to let loose of some venom, a dream is a safe place to get the toxins out. So is a private journal that no one reads but you.

Now, I'm off and running, to build my new nest. I have my sassy pants on now, friends!!!!!
And look how lonnnnggggggg my sassy pants are.
Oh yeah, baby!
I've been sassified!

Picture of one of the flower beds at the new nest I'm going to
"Woodstock Lily-fie"


  1. boy, is that music calming. if only i had time to sit for awhile and just listen a little. as for dreams, oh my. mine are driving me nuts lately. they're creepy and they all have to do with mom. but they're all cartoon like. like the nightmare before christmas stuff. creepy characters and such. i think i need to lay off the night time coffee. :p

  2. Hey, that's it! ...the 'New Nest'

    Glad you found your sassy pants. I knew it was only a matter of time. You are filled with springy-ness... the ability to bounce back from anything!

    I adore you Lille!

  3. Changed my mind again...

    Hill of Dreams

    Do you get the feeling I don't do well with decisions?

  4. It is good to hear you being so positive. I am happy for you and glad that you are now moving on and putting that awfulness behind you.

  5. That is one amazing dream. I actually envy you having it! Things are definitely looking WAY up in your world now. :)

  6. winged angels, only able to fly in embracement...

  7. They still fit OK? Certainly hope so.
    I wouldn't be overly concerned with your old neighbors, it seems that fate has the situation well in hand and all you did was donate a small refrigerator to the cause.

  8. I'm glad you're settling in, you sound SO happy. *hugs*

  9. Lille-anyplace you go will be beautified by your presence. I can already see it in the garden. Give the Opester a pet for me. Purrr....~rick

  10. Thanks, everyone~ You all keep me inspired by your comments, and caring. I am so very blessed to have your support. It feels great to be sassified again. Plus, I'm bound to reap more sassiness by sowing more sassy seeds. I hope you're all having a spectacular weekend!

  11. You are so right - we have to move on. Getting stuck in grief, or pain, or hate just destroys us. Thanks for reminding me!

  12. This is a very nice post, your words truly expressed deep feelings and thoughts like you were thinking out loud. That second photo is very refreshing.


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