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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Winds ~ New Nest

There's a new wind blowing my hair,
and my creativity,
in a different direction.
Letting go of what was is hard sometimes but beginning fresh has a whole new invigorating rush. My entire life has been built on using what I have. What I need will be brought to me when the time is right. Isn't it grand when a new wind brushes your skin with hope, with joy, with unlimited possibilities brewing, and your imagination finds a brand new playground to scamper in?

How many girls can say Superman sent them flowers????

See my poppy paintings on the wall in the kitchen? And the Dream Board I made with Dylan hanging below them? This is a taste of what is to come, and a playful side of me I'm eager to give birth to.
Sweet Sassy Molassy!


  1. Oh how lovely your paintings are in the kitchen. Enjoy your new home! love that term sweet sassy molassy!

  2. ~Fabulous~ Luurrvvve all that color! x

  3. Told you it would be great, remember?
    Told you I was jealous.
    Leving all the shit behind and starting fresh!
    Sounds like getting out of prison.
    Beautiful ceiling in the kitchen, I've been wanting to do that for years!
    That lamp by the window looks familar.
    I better go check my livingroom.
    It's not there!!! I remember, I moved it into the diningroom. Something about the rosy glow makes food taste better.
    Your off the hook...THIS time...
    xox, Lisa

  4. Very nice digs, girl. I love that tin!

  5. Yes, I noticed you put my favorite one in the middle! I love the new nest! ...and I love the new you!

  6. Your new digs look gorgeous! Glad your finding ways to make the place really yours.

  7. Love the pictures on the wall and the ceiling, great place! You have done well.

  8. It may seem like your vacation is over, but home is definitely blooming.

  9. Oh, that wind blowing through the curtains... so beautiful.

    And wow, you really are brave with the not accepting awards announcement. I do feel the same way about it, but I don't really have the guts to say it out loud. Always afraid not to hurt people's feelings.

    Now I am going back to enjoy some more of your blog.

  10. I wish I had your talent. Even though I am gay, I have no fashion since at all.

  11. Oh this looks like a true artist home... love the tin ceiling

  12. Love the lighting and colours. I would feel welcome here I think. ~rick

  13. Mine is a bit weird too this days. Good thing, because it keeps me away from it for a bit.

  14. Joyous colors in those paintings! I can't see the "Dream Board" that well but am definitely intrigued. Reveal more. Please.

    I have that very same Samsonite suitcase. I love it and want to display it somewhere.

  15. Thomas Edison is right..........Keep Shining!!!


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