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Monday, September 14, 2009

Through A Child's Eye

I took these shots at Dorri's parent's 50th celebration. I loved the diversity, and especially loved how the children saw none. They just saw other children to play with. We can learn so much from our kids, and from our pets.
They accept us as we are...
not for what we are or are not.


  1. I love the photo. I wish that diversity and acceptance was displayed everywhere.

  2. So True! My sons went to a private school where there was lots of diversity. They brought Afro-American kids, Hispanic kids, and Asian kids home with them on the weekends. To this day, my oldest son's best friend as an Afro-American he met at that school, and they've maintained a bond for 18 years. He was one of the groomsmen at my son's wedding 10 years ago.
    I loved that my kids were color-blind; especially in spite of the fact that my first FIL was a bit of a bigot. He was not an influence on them, thank God!

  3. Yes, Lille-until we pollute them as we always do. We should be ;earning from them. Nice post. ~rick

  4. I love too to watch this with my niece and nephew When we go to the park It is so refreshing I think each generation is going to be better then the last at blending together It feels sooo good!!

  5. That's why sometimes I cancel lessons (if possible with regard to what my students should learn) to spend those hours with my son at the playground.

  6. I agree and what a nice message to pass on. Through the eyes of a child that is how we should look at the world. I think there would be less hatred.


  7. Wonderful pics! Proof that we are not born hating. We are taught to hate. I have great hope in the upcoming generation.

  8. See that photo of the two little girls splashing? See that space between their hips? In Detroit that space is called Eight Mile road and that space is 8 lanes wide with boulevard islands in the middle.

    I like your picture better.

  9. ~~Your comments warmed my heart. Thank you. I have a lot of faith in our kids, and their kids, too.

    I will have to look up Eight Mile Road to learn more about it.


  10. '"And on Eight Mile, the divisions are the most stark. There are eight lanes of asphalt and concrete separating one side of the street from the other, but as a racial divide it might as well be the Grand Canyon."'
    Quote from The Monitor.

    Thanks, Mark. I forgot about the movie Eminem filmed there in 2002.


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