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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Body Language

Opie Taylor is an indoor cat. He relies on what I bring to him from the outside to add sugar and spice to his life or what he can see out the windows; his slice of life, his view of the world. I've captured pictures of Opie looking out windows since he was a kitten. I can read his mood by his body language, and in turn, know just what he needs.

Opie's first day at the new pad.

You can tell Opie is not so sure of his new world by his body language.
Hind legs ready to bolt, feeling uncertain and insecure.


Much better.

I wonder what my body language would have said if someone had shot pics of me my first few days here at the new house. I'm sure my face and body would have shown as much as his did---maybe more. I found myself feeling vulnerable being on the ground, and not up high like I had been in the tree house. So many windows, and worrying about so many doors to lock instead of just one at the tree house. New smells, new noises, unfamiliar rooms, hidden light switches, going to sleep looking at a new ceiling, and waking up not knowing where I was....

Both Opie and I are learning to relax here. Our haunches are not in the flight mode. We may still jump at a new sound or something suddenly creaking in the walls. But we're waking up together, purring at the simple joy of being together, and finally, we're finding serenity looking out new port holes to a brand new world.

View out the front door

View out one of the kitchen windows


  1. good views are a plus. i could sit and stare for hours. one day we'll have ours. =]

  2. this is my favorite color of cat's hair , i just have siameses here and one white brasilian short hair .
    and what wonderful pictures of this post Lily !!!

  3. It almost looks like Opie Taylor was seriously checking it out to see if you both could stay. I must say the views are spectacular and very peaceful. Soon, you'll both feel safe (he's already safe being an inside cat and under your care) and fully at home. What a lot of stress you've had, but now it's behind you!

  4. Lovely, I am glad to see that you are both settling in nicely.

    Opie - so cute - I love orange tabbies!!

    Thanks for sharing this doorway into your life.


  5. I love your view! I'm sure you and OT will be purring non-stop before long.

  6. I forgot to comment on your body language...

    Let's just say if Opie was mimicking your first day, he would do that cat thing where they arch their back WAY up and hiss!

  7. Opie appears to be adjusting well.
    I think you two are lucky to have each other.

  8. Lilly it's the same sky, same earth and with time you'll remember where the light switches are and which doors need hows the smoke free air smelling and hows the noiseless downstairs neighbors eh?


  9. Lille-by the ears back, I'd say Opie is windering the flavor of the new birds. mmmm...crunchy with a soft center. Keep an eye on him. ~rick

  10. ~~Eternity_23... Yes you will have everything your heart desires. Great views are a plus for everyone... You will have some rockin' views in your future. I just know it.
    Big Hugzzzz~

    It's my favorite color of a cat, too. They seem to have spunky personalities, and connect with people very well. Thanks for visiting! Caio!

    ~~Pam B..
    Thanks so much, my dear friend. I loved your beach pics. Made me homesick for a sandy stroll looking for sea glass. I'll come home for a visit just to walk on the beach with you & Aldean, and John. =] Love you~~

    ~~Lydia.. Love the new profile pic! Yes, Opie seems to be my spirit guide, angel in a cat suit and radar to detect good people. I've had a lot of wonderful kitties but Opie Taylor is by far the one who is attached spiritually with me. I love him dearly. Thank you for the great words of encouragement. I'm looking forward. Nice place to be. Hugzzzz~~

    Froggy, My Queen~~ So nice to see you again. I have so many people to get caught up on visiting. I'll be over soon to see you. Thanks for the well wishes.

    ~~Eva, my faithful follower & friend... Do you have any idea what a blessing you are to me? You have a heart of gold, and I am honored to have you as a friend. Thanks for being here always with a kind, uplifting word for me. I treasure you.

    Yes, he can do imitations of me and probably could have his own blog just entertaining everyone with all he has to deal with living with me. LOL I can picture him hair standing on end, snarling at the carpet "fumes" when I first got here. Glad he missed all that. Hope you are feeling better, sweet Lily... I've been praying for you.

    Oh I know I'm lucky to have him. He is beyond precious. In fact he looks like he's turning into pure gold. Yep...I'm sure he's gold not orange. =]

  11. ~~Mark...
    Stay tuned for next post!! I have an update on the smoking neighbors, and the tree house... Oh this is rich. RICH!!!

    Yes, it is the same stars, same clouds but somehow I believe they are much bluer and brighter here. My views of the sky was partially covered by so many trees at the tree house.

  12. ~~Eternity_23... Forgot to tell you... your profile pic is my all time fav of you two! ;-)

  13. What beautiful views! I'm sure Opie will be settled in in no time. P.S. I love the cat song playing!! How appropriate! :)


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