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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Find Your Happy Place

~Opie's been rehearsing for the Grand Tour of the Tree House~

~Sneak Preview~

~~I found my happy place~~

Mine's inside me~~Where's yours?

~~Just in case I'm not around for a few days it's because I'm
taking a few things over to the bungalow on the hill~~

Well actually I'm taking everything except the small part of me
that wants to stay here,
in the Tree House...


  1. Lille- careful with the Opester. Kitties don't like change. Looks lovely! ~rick

  2. Moving on ain't moving away from the place your heart wants to stay. That is the portion of your home that you carry with you whether you realize it or not. It doesn't even need to be packed only carried.

  3. Aww you don't have to leave a small part of you at the tree house! You can take it with you in your heart and in your memories. And the memories you made in the tree house will always be in the tree house. It's part of you and you are part of it. Gone but not forgotten! You made great strides there, now it's time to go make more strides and new memories. And best of all, you get to take your happy place with you.

  4. ~~~Rick....
    Awwww I know. Opie has already been pacing, and having trouble settling. I'm taking him to Dylan's to have a quiet couple of days inside a kennel cage. Besides the acorns are falling on the tree house as I type, and that makes even me jump out of my skin sometimes. LOL They can be loud hitting the roof.
    Thanks for the well wishes, and support. Hugzz~~~

    Your words are always like a big hug. They pack truth and love in them. That's all a girl needs from a friend. Thank you~~~

    You are lovely in every way. Even my coffee tastes sweeter just reading your thoughtful words. Thank you so much~~~

  5. Moving from a tree house to the top of a hill; from looking through a veil to a clear view. Life sure is messy isn't it? but always perfect.
    Love, 1aldcat

  6. Hmmm. My happy place? Still lookin', but I happily visit yours.

  7. Do we have an 'official' name? Bungalow on the Hill? Or will we know when we know?

    The tree house looks like a place I would hate to leave,too. Oh, and the guitar pic... (no pun intended) I miss mine. It now belongs to my oldest grand! She's taking lessons. Thrills me that one of them follows my footsteps. (She's the one that writes and sings,too.)

    I'll give you a call once you have time to breathe...

    miss you

  8. Like you said, that happy place is in you, not dependant on your surroundings.

    Hope you get all settled in and comfie in your new digs.

  9. mine is inside me too Lily .
    this is a lovely post .

  10. My kitties will soon be able to commiserate with your Opie as they adjust to their new digs. Sending lots of love and hugs to you in your new abode!

    p.s. love your stack of suitcases!

  11. You know how we know when it's time to leave the nest. It's when it's no longer comfortable, all the soft downy feathers are gone, it smells of dead carcasses, and the sticks are poking us. We have out grown the nest, and all we need to do now is stretch our wings and soar like an eagle. Feel the wind? Soar on Lille. We'll be looking up, trying to catch a glimpse of your beauty. Soar on.

  12. Ok - I got something for ya. But I'm going to wait until you tell me where to send it. You're moving right? When?

  13. Oh it's been too long since I've been here... am having trouble with time running out on me all the time. Your tree house looks like a good place to sit down with friends and play some guitar... wish I could get there with my trusty old Guild... Anywhere where acoustic guitars are playing is a happy place for me.

  14. Good luck with the moving and take your time. I hope the Bungalow on the Hill surprises you with it greatness!

  15. As long as you have that place inside of you, your 'tree house' will remain......wherever the wind blows you.Hope you get to make some special memories (in the bungalow on the hill), you can treasure always.

  16. Leave nothing behind, the next inhabitants will probably not even notice. Just take a small part of it with you, it will reside in your heart forever. Right beside the happy place.

    Many hugs,

  17. I'm hanging in here! Thanks everyone!


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