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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I hope it looks just like it does today outside my windows this time tomorrow.... I can tackle the day with a huge smile.

It's one of those silver misted mornings on the lake. The sun is slipping in sideways to greet the day, and the birds cannot help but rejoice in song. The sparrows have been checking out my bird house again on my deck. One is checking it out right now. The bird in the pic was a male scout from last year. Maybe this year they will bring life to the tree house, new life, new beginnings, and new starts. Isn't that what spring is? Birds are singing and chirping, and so starts my day at the tree house.

This morning reminds me of one of those mornings when I was a kid. My pant legs would have already been damp with dew scampering in spring's arms outside. The weather man says it's 36 degrees out. Hmmmm.... that's practically a heatwave after the winter we've had. But for now, I'll drink my coffee, warm up under the baby blue blanket of the sky filling my windows, and count the days till I can drag my kayak out.

Yes, there is an energy in the air, and I am plugging in. Powering up. Syncing the solar panels in my heart to soak life up. Every single, wonderful, blessed, bountiful, bliss-filled moment I can get. Good Morning World!

Next 10 Items on My Wonderful Life 101 Things To-Do-List (notice the new adjective description...) It is my wonderful life and I have every intention of making it more wonderful than I ever could have imagined!

  • Organize my pictures, personal and studio. Scan all old memories for safe keeping.
  • Glass mosaic on table in kitchen.
  • Paint cloud series to go above bookshelves.
  • Help Dylan with her portrait gallery in kitchen and hallway.
  • Walk in Race For the Cure 3 Day in September. Raise money for it.
  • Set up a EBay account to sell treasures.
  • Create a backyard wonderland at Superman's Fortress.
  • Take Dorri and John's portrait shots.
  • Get music source for the studio!!
  • Reflect on how blessed I am and how much I've been given. NOTE: Do not check off last item listed on list after one use. Repeat frequently.
It's a perfect day to jump into life! Buh Bye!

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