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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have so much to do simply cannot wait till this time tomorrow

This is Opie Taylor, my lil red-headed cat. I used to call him my boyfriend in a cat suit until I met Superman. Hey, he'll always have the purrrfect spot in my heart--always.

Count this pic as # 41 on my 101 List of wonderful things to do list. Paint this sweet lil face.

This is a picture I took of the Topa Topa mountains in Ojai, CA where I lived most of my adult life. Count this as #42 on the list. This will be my final picture to paint in Tim Gagnon's class this session.

43-51 goes as follows.....
  • Scan and properly store slides of my modeling pics, band pics
  • Find a band to sing in/with (again). Music is, and always be, my first love. My Dad sang with and played guitar for Hank Williams SR, Johnny Horton and Hank Snow. Some of you will be saying. "Huh??? Who the heck are they?" Others will know, and say, "coolness"..... Below is the first band I was in, "Silver Rose"in 1975. I'll post more info-pics of other bands I was in soon. That's me on the far right.
  • Build a tree house to count the stars in at night..... I'm totally serious!
  • Be on the Oprah Winfrey Show with my BFF, Linda, and my amazing foster Mom, Fran. This of course will be after my new book, "Six Days to Haight-Ashbury", that chronicles a time I ran away to the infamous Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967, climbs to number one on the New York Times Best seller's list. (This is how dreams come true...Believe!)
  • When the time is right post a couple of chapters here of Six Days for you to read.
  • Meditate every day
  • Make a vision board of what Superman & I want in our new home and studio.
  • Update my current vision board
Now, I can take a spin around the lake on my kayak. Today is the kind of day dreams are made of.

~Dream BIG!!!~ Believe ~ Have an attitude of gratitude ~ ALWAYS~ LOVE~


  1. Gorgeous kitty X:-) and you and me tOO with the Tree house thing ...AND a bedroom with a glass roof-like in "Hey Arnold"... Hmmmm maybe i just never grew up! Lol! X;-)

  2. What fun! I believe Swiss Family Robinson, that old Disney movie, got into my blood. Perhaps we could start a colony of tree houses down under. I've always wanted to go there...probably wouldn't want to leave after I got there either. AND I refuse to grow up completely! Or at all... Thanx about my kitty. he is a love bug for sure. x:-)


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