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Monday, April 13, 2009

This time tomorrow--my favorite time to do things. A blog from a procrastinator...

Blogging.... didn't we used to call it journaling, keeping a diary? Writing secret stuff about ourselves in a secret place that we buried like cats bury poo so no one would find it, read it or see it?

I am a procrastinator. A perfectionist. Well there. I said it. Out loud. This is my blog about procrastination and perfectionism, and the life long battle I have had putting off until tomorrow what I should have, could have and needed to do today. This blog site will be a stretch. If anyone actually starts following me, I'll be held accountable and responsible. Shudder....

I'm just a girl (yes, I am still a girl, a 56 year old girl to be exact) seeking to figure out why I procrastinate and how in the hell can I fix it???? Now, it hasn't all been lost lists and never accomplishing anything--far from it. I've acquired some rather fetching accomplishments in my life. I just don't want to wake up tomorrow, out of time, or heaven forbid not wake up at all, and see all the wasted energy, brilliant ideas I had rotting on top of my grave. I know today will suddenly turn into this time tomorrow. I want to arrive there saying, "Wow! I did it! I actually finished this project that has been locked up inside my head! I lived my life in the fullest."

Now here is the kicker--the proverbial kick in the ass.

I'm recovering from PTSD from an auto accident. May 4, 2009 will be my one year anniversary. This is my journey of a near death experience, and a moment in time I saw every dream on my to-do list, hang in that moment forever--undone. I am going to live those dreams, give them flight, and maybe along the way as I blog my progress a few of you will be encouraged to do the same by the words (and deeds) I etch in time and space in a place called the internet.

I will list my 101 Things I Want To Do with my wonderful life, and will document the glorious joy of checking them off one by one. My goal is to keep adding another item to the list after I check something off. You will be my eyes and virtual cattle prod to keep me moving forward. Hey, no pushing and shoving--OK? Cheer me on! To the finish line!

I will post my list and post my projects in pictorial form from beginning to marvelous end.

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  1. Hi Woodstock Lily! I found your blog while perusing the art category on something called bloggers (I think!). Your story caught my eye, I became intrigued after I read your most recent blog, so I decided to begin at the beginning. :) Your car accident was truly terrifying... I was happy to read your PTSD is much better these days, and thrilled that you are living without pharmacological intervention. Hooray for you.

    I love your writing style - so vivid! I would also like to tell you that I, too, am a procrastinating perfectionist - an artist at heart with 101 things I want to do!!

    I have lived the last 30 years of my life in central New York, having spent the majority of the previous 25 years in my home state of Oklahoma (gee, can I still call it my home state if I have now lived elsewhere longer than I lived there??!)

    Thank you for sharing.
    stillSSG (still SweetSillyGirl! - even though I am soon to be 56 y/o!!)


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