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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hope by this time tomorrow to check something off my list~ being grateful to have another day is at the top of my list

It's been a really good day. I spent the day doing "healthful" things for my body and this evening doing "soulful" things with Dylan. Dylan is the best friend anyone could ever want. We are both taking flight. We are dedicated to living each moment with gusto (whoever he is...)

We decided since we'd already seen each other fly through the air at 65-70 MPH, hit a guard rail head-on, do a flip, then land under the bridge upright 70' plus below AND SURVIVE... well, we can do anything. Monday we will officially celebrate surviving. And yes, we celebrate or embrace this every single day but Monday is our one year anniversary. More about this survival story to come...

In the meantime, here is the next 10 on the 101 List ~ 61-70 ~
  • Water fountain for my living room. I've had this water pump for 9 years just hanging out waiting to become a fountain one day.....
  • Paint the rug for the studio
  • Look up the word panache
  • Design the perfect biz card that allows me to be anything I want to be when I grow up...
  • Make a platform with wheels to fit under my storage chest of drawers in my studio
  • Use one of my sketch books for a scrap book for my creative tidbits, notes on the back of envelopes. pictures torn out of magazines, 3 x 5 cards I've scribbled ideas on, etc....
  • Actually paste, glue and organize said items above into said sketch book... (ahem...)
  • Find the rhythm for my day. Dylan, my BFF, just gave me a scathingly brilliant idea today to accomplish this. Dylan knows I can overload myself with well intentions and end up looking at the clock at midnight wondering where the day went. She suggested I do what they used to do in days gone by. Remember when people actually did the laundry on Monday, the ironing on Tuesdays (huh? Ironing??) etc.... Try doing more of "one thing" a day rather than too many in a day. Thank you, Dylan... you are my heroine!! Ummm... not as in my drug even though I am addicted to your wacky sense of humor.. never mind....
  • Get up before dawn. I have always loved his time of day best. I do my best writing early in the morning.
  • Decoupage the linen closet with pictures and cork board
Sweet dreams everyone.....


  1. Oh, please allow me a part in your grand project.

    panache |pəˈna sh; -ˈnä sh |


    1 flamboyant confidence of style or manner : he entertained Palm Springs society with great panache.

    2 historical a tuft or plume of feathers, esp. as a headdress or on a helmet.

    ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from French, from Italian pennacchio, from late Latin pinnaculum, diminutive of pinna ‘feather.’

  2. This is so cool, Snowbrush, because I almost added a special request to ask you to do this for me. I knew you would find joy in looking up panache thus making my day more joyful by your gift. I accept your thoughtfulness and relish the fact you are partnering on this grand project with me. Me thinks we both are wearing a couple of feathers in our caps... We have our sassy caps on! You totally made my day, Snowbrush! Thank you! :-) Big, big smiles here in OH.

  3. _X_ Look up the word panache. Ker-check! Off the 101 list. My gallant friend Snowbrush saved the day so I could check something off my 101 Things to do today! I shall wake this time tomorrow knowing somewhere out there near Eugene, OR forces are faithfully watching over me.

    Ahhhh, big sigh. I love that "ker-check" sound!


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