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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish I could be visiting this guy this time tomorrow...

Here is the picture of my son, Jake, I told you I wanted to paint in the first set of 10 things on my 101 List. Jake inherited an abundance of creative jeans... errr I mean genes, too. He is a musician (quite phenomenal if I do say so myself) following his dreams, writing, singing, and can play just about any instrument he picks up.

I want to take his newest band, "Eternity Lost" promo pics next time I get to his city about 3 hours away. Soon, one day soon, I will be able to drive on a freeway that faraway from home. Right now I cannot drive much farther than an exit or two on a freeway without birthing a panic attack. I'm working on it.... and will keep working on it until I can drive all the way to China. Hmmm.... better
put that on my 101 List. (joke, of course on the China.... I'd settle for driving to Cleveland or anywhere longer than 2 exits.... LOL)

>>>> Let the painting begin!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>
I'll update my progress. FYI: The blues on his jeans look a little bluer in the picture I took of the painting than they actually are on the painting.


  1. "I will be taking his newest band, "Eternity Lost" promo pics"

    You realize, of course, (knowing me so well and all) that I first read this as porno and did a double take. What a mom THAT would be!

  2. hehe now some would say a Mom who'd do "that" would be "eternally lost..." hehe I'm just learning how to set up my page here in "blog world". I'll be posting some photography soon from my portfolio. I dearly love helping bands, especially ones just getting off the ground, with their promo packs-pics. I'm paying it backward for all the people who helped me when I performed live. Thanks for making me chuckle today.


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