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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the list goes on..... the madness inside a procrastinator's head

OK here's the start of something big. (if I can just finish it...) My list of 101 things I want to do.

It's not easy being me. But there is no one else I'd rather be. Creative people are the best. Perfectionists are the best. Procrastinators are the best. People who give stupid pep talks to themselves are the best.... Oh, ffs... just get on with it girl....

Some of the items on my 101 list I will blog about later. Either because the task needs an explanation or it has been on a previous list somewhere, sometime in my life. Or simply because this is a blog and what the frap else am I supposed to do BUT write???? This is where things get a little tense for a procrastinator. Will I actually finish this?? Oh crap. The pressure is on.

Here I go... one to do at a time. (I used to call it a "to-do-doo list"....)
  • Create the ultimate artist's studio... or just finish the one I already have. I'll blog about this one tomorrow.
  • Write daily. (looks like I will have to keep this one on my to-do list permanently)
  • Paint the picture of the picture of my son, Jake, sitting in Panera's.
  • Paint the picture of the picture of Ashley sitting in her closet.
  • Paint the picture of the picture of the Topa Topa Mountains in Ojai, CA.
  • Paint the POTP (Picture Of The Picture....geez) of Emery in the big chair.
  • Read Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now". (anyone else see the humor in this???)
  • Paint the picture of Todd and Lisa's cats.
  • Finish my draft of my book, "Six Days to Haight Ashbury."
  • Create a children book on Pammy's bedtime story she told Ben and James.
Ten ideas. Ten things on my list... that should be enough for now. Ten ideas every day?

Yes, I am laughing friggin' out loud at what a perfect procrastinator I am....

Sigh. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Well, it's a start damn it! :-)

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