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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

By this time tomorrow you'll probably want a little muskrat love of your own....

I took this pic from the deck at the Tree House this afternoon. It didn't snow like they forecast for today. But wow what a sky! What a breathtakingly beautiful sky. I stood barefoot snapping pictures left and right. The sky was shifting, and changing. My feet chilled by the wet wood on the deck. I could smell the clouds. Glorious clouds.

Just when I least expected.... I saw something move out of the corner of my eye on the water. I could not believe my eyes. The little muskrat I have been so blessed to see only 4-5 different occasions EVER was happily swimming towards the smaller island next to mine. I was suddenly nervous, and shaking a bit, as I tried to zoom in on nature so splendidly showing herself to me--gifting me with something I had written on my 101 To Do List. Take a picture of the muskrat swimming in the lake. Sah-weeeeet Sassy Molassey!!!

The first pic is of him/her is exactly what I'd hoped to photograph, a swimming pic. The second pic is of him/her diving, lil butt up, tail tucked in--diving underwater to its den on the island's edge was more than I could have ever asked for!!! I actually caught him/her diving!!! How kind the Universe is to grant me a "wish", a desire, an item on my wonderful To Do List I secretly wondered if I'd ever be able to achieve.

Big sigh... Big THANK YOU! Big smile on my face.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!


  1. We live on a drainage canal called the Amazon in which swim nutria and beaver. An occasional river otter comes upstream. Herons and sometimes kingfishers make an appearance along with numerous ducks. And to think we only live fifteen blocks from the very center of Eugene with a metro area of around 300,000. It's a special place. No muskrats though. I wish there were, but I don't even know if Oregon HAS muskrats. I remember Thoreau writing about them... Lucky you; you have muskrats!

  2. I spent a little time in Eugene. More time in Florence. You live in a beautiful place, Snowbrush. We are both very blessed. Hey, any time you want to borrow one of "my" muskrats... I'll trade ya for an otter! :-)


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