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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost a Monk

A quick update on my status. My cell phone was suffocated and permanently damaged by moisture. Next time I won't use my bra as a pocket to carry my cell while hiking, and photographing the lovely fall foliage....

My power cord to my laptop took a swan dive with the cell phone, and I must bury them side by side. Apparently they mated for life while I wasn't looking. I guess they saw sparks when they looked at each other....

So that left me without a cell phone, and the internet. Oh that's not all folks.... My car was in for servicing, and the warranty company I have my car covered under never responded so my car was in the shop for 3.5 days!! No phone, no Internet, and no car. Monk Ville on the mountain top..... which is NOT a bad thing at all. It just made me aware how dependent I am on things, and the fear of being cut off from the world. I don't think our generation could have survived 100 years ago.... We don't know how to be by ourselves---and I'm not talking about holing up in your room with your computer. I mean being completely isolated from other people, and depending wholly on yourself for survival.

So Superman flew in with his laptop, his cell phone for me to use while mine are being fixed, and took me to pick up my car... PLUS he brought me an inflatable bed.... WHY an inflatable bed you ask?????? Why??? Why???? Why???? Because of this.....

In the midst of all this excitement came the BEST news ever. [no not the news that I could have become a Monk and crafted my "Ommmmmmsssss". While that is appealing, I don't look that cute in an orange tunic and a shaved head. [yes, I know that is a stereotype...just trying to make you yuckity-yuck a bit]

Here's the news!!!!

My son, daughter-in-law and adorable grandson, Emery, are moving back home. They will be in tonight, U-Haul and all. You all know how hard it's been for me not being able to drive that far to see them with my PTSD. Grand kids don't stay little so you don't get to see their growth, and cuteness unfold unless they're close by. And the times I've just wanted to hug my son, or hang out with my daughter-in-law, made me sad that I couldn't or play with my grandson. I've missed them so much.

They'll be staying with me until they find a new place, and this weekend we'll be celebrating Jake's birthday. He was born on Halloween 24 years ago. I was so ecstatic I was going to have a baby on Halloween, my favorite holiday, I nearly burst right there on the spot. I had a marker pen in my hand ready to draw a jack-o-lantern on my tummy to go to the hospital "dressed up" for the occasion.... but lost my sense of humor as things rapidly progressed. My little pumpkin was born with a stunningly beautiful head of hair in the most amazing color of red I'd ever seen.
People stopped us on the street or wherever we went, and ohhhhhhh'ed and awwwwwww'ed about how gorgous he [and his hair] was.

Now people do this with Emery. His Mama has a beautiful blog, "Sweetest Thing", all about Emery, if any of you care to take a peek. Much to my joy, Emery was born with his Daddy's hair. Click on her blog title and it will take you there.

I believe this is a gift. Happy Birthday to me! Oh wait.... I mean happy Birthday dear Jake!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!!


  1. How exciting for you, although, I think I would be worried about how long I'd be giving up my privacy--but then I guess I'm just a selfish soul! Bad Mommy!

  2. Lily thank you so much for supporting me this means so much. We are chasing these dreams together. Thank you. I will keep in touch. You do the same.

  3. Ah, glad to hear that with all this going on, it it a happy time for you!


  4. great post, and what a great picure !

  5. yay!!!! congrats on your son and family moving close to you :)

    also- I feel a weird sense of angst when I go home and have NO contact with the internet for more than two days... and then at the end of the trip I feel great.
    No internet.... more face-face time.

    however, I also really enjoy my bloggy community! :)

    ps- the pictures of your grandson on her site are SO CUTE!!!

  6. Sad about the cell phone biting the dust, but it is terrific news about your family returning home. Congratulations. I hope you have fun with your grandson. He is a lucky boy to have such a special grandma. Get busy and make some wonderful memories for him to hold onto as he grows.

  7. Emery's darling. I'm sure you're going to enjoy having the kids close by.

    Boy, we do get used to our dependence on the internet, email, cell phones or whatever other devices we have around.

  8. ~~Eva... They are probably thinking the same thing about me. LOL Not selfish at all. We are all used to our own space, and time. My spirit tells me everything is going to work out just great.

    ~~Joshua.. You are most welcome. Musicians who live their dreams are some my most favorite people. Hmmmm actually anyone who follows their heart in pursuit of their dreams is mighty special. I'd sure hate to wake up on the other side of "I should have... could have... or would have..." without giving it my best. I want to know I did my best trying to be the person I was created to be. Best wishes to you!

    ~~Her Majesty, My Frog Queen... Thank you so much. It is indeed!

    Elise... Thank you, kind dear. I cannot take credit for the pics. I borrowed them from Google. My pics are in my puter with no way of getting them out.... But I agree they are nice. And thank you so much for stopping by to read my Silly Lille Stuff....

    ~~Lisa... Eco darling... This is extra joyful for me. It's my kid that's the rock star! Psssttttt he doesn't know it yet but he's going to play on a CD project I have listed on my dream board. Yippy! Oh I agree. I have that same angst, then I step away from the noise, and feel the true freedom of needing nothing to fill up my senses except the sound of my heart beating, and the voice of my higher power. Ahhhhhhhh...

    ~~Rae... I thank you so very much. I know you know how special this is for me. I think they are as excited as I am. They've been without any close family nearby for some time now. Her family lives a ways away, too.

    Next on my list of dreams coming true is meeting you, my dear friend! Let's set up something with Lily. She can drive, I'll ride & we'll meet you half way!

  9. Hurrah, sounds like plenty of happiness in the works there... lucky lily ! Cell phones and computers can be replaced, but not kids growing up ...

  10. Wow, what a week for you!!! Enjoy having your family, especially grandbaby, back home!

  11. Hey, I'm up to the road trip anytime! I'm still dancin' over your news. And I'm still waiting to read about the rest of your trip. You've probably forgotten all about it now. This latest news trumps it all!

    I'm off to her blog to see the baby pics!

  12. Makes one glad indeed to read that there are still places to be found where life reaches its true meaning.
    A wonderful time for all of you !

  13. here we comeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    & thanx on the blog advertisement. HA! i need readers!

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Lille-enjoy the company. Sorry bout the run of bad luck. ~rick

  16. Hello PTSD Soul Sister. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. It sounds like we are traveling a similar journey right now after near-fatal car accidents. My anniversary date is coming up in Novemeber (18th). 9 years. What a long, strange trip it's been!

    Sending you ((((((HUGS))))) right back. And my ears are open to hear of your journey whenever you want to share. :)

  17. Ok, first of all Lady, you are not a monk. Monks don't have sex and sometimes don't talk and eat weird stuff and only see other monks. Maybe you could be like a rich movie star that retired and cut herself off from the world. I prefer to think of you that way than a sexless monk, sorry (lol). Next OMG how awesome that your son is moving back!!! I am so happy for you. Happy Birthday to him and how cool that you will be able to see your grandson whenever you want. I bet Opie Taylor is happy, although maybe just a little nervous about having a baby around. Love you Anne

  18. Why did I feel a twinge of envy for not being your cell phone?

  19. Hi Lily,
    Great, soulful post. So fun to read. Glad your son and family are coming home--truly a blessing.
    I almost-fear being disconnected from everything electronic. Isn't that terrible? I'll be 58 next year and used to know how to play! I did not know how addicted I was until my computer power cord died and I couldn't buy a new one right away. Sad, but true.
    Have a great day.
    Pam B

  20. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am so glad you found me which in turn allowed me to find you. The loyalty of your electronics to each other is amazing but unfortunate. Enjoy your time with family.


  21. Monk-ville...funny!

  22. So happy for you that your family will be moving close! That's so exciting!

  23. Sorry your stuff took a dive but it really is nice to un-plug sometimes, grats on your family moving back, AND Happy Halloween to you and yours!

  24. The angels are singing! This is the greatest news EVER!!!! I am thrilled you'll have your family home again.

    And Happy Birthday to Jake. My godson was born on Halloween too-- 13 years ago!


  25. Thanks for all the hoorays! I am in heaven. My family is home (closer) and Opie Taylor gets to be a real Uncle now...

    I should be back posting regular tomorrow or in the morning. Superman is bringing my new power cord and phone over this morning! I have lots to share with you!


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