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Friday, October 23, 2009

No Ordinary Ass

Look it's Eeyore...

Told ya he was no ordinary ass. He lives in Ky. Shhhhhhh.....


  1. This is too cute and I want to pet it!. Fun post

  2. Thank you for showing us your fuzzy ass. I think. Har!

  3. Ordinary no, hairy yes, that is one hairy ass. I wouldn't want an ass that hairy. Imagine if you wanted wax that ass? Can you say "OUCH!" with me?

    a hahahaha ahahaha

  4. Awww. Ah, oh! I want them for pets!

  5. Aw, who could resist a little Donkey? OK, so they don't have the sweetest singing voices in the world :D

  6. You're right...he doesn't even look like an ordinary ass! Unlesshe looks like one in KY (my home state)

  7. Oh you all are so sweet, and hilarious! This is the kind of ass you'd want to hang out with in real life! This little guy ran up to me braying in the sweetest manner. He must have thought I had a treat for him. His mama came running right behind him. It was truly a precious moment.

    ~~Funny in my Mind... Lawd, I do, too, gf!

    ~~Mark... LOL LOL Oh can you imagine the pain of that??? NO! OUCH! OUCH! Oh you made me roar!

  8. Nice photos! (Hubby says I have an extrordinary ass...and it's not even hairy!)

  9. I love donkeys they are beautiful and comedians at the same time.... xx

  10. now i know why
    i'm an ass man...
    it's confirmed:

    these guys are adorable!

    if i had an ass like that
    i would get nothing done all day!


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