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Friday, October 2, 2009

Shedding Stress

I think my little darling has settled in.....

Yes, he's definitely settled in...

All that matters is that he is happy. I can attest the move has been very smooth as far as Opie is concerned. He adapted so nicely to the new house which I didn't expect.
But here's a curious matter I need some help from you about.

Right after we moved into the Tree House (our former home for new followers) Opie Taylor began shedding like crazy. I thought it was because of all the stress of moving. He hated seeing all the boxes, and things changing around him. Let's face it. Cats hate change of any kind. In fact, he hated my job. I used to travel extensively, and he recognized when my suitcases came out that it meant I was leaving. He shed so badly after we first moved to the Tree House I thought it was all stress, and feeling confused about where he was suddenly. But it never let up--the shedding. It got worse. And soon it became the "norm".

This time I never packed one box in front of him or moved one stick of furniture. I bundled him up, and took him to Dylan's house to stay with her while I moved. He lived with her for a week in a large kennel cage, and was given a room with a view to hang out in. He sat in her window, and was brushed, and loved and tugged on like a wishbone by her, and her daughters.... What kitty wouldn't love all that attention?

A week felt like forever not having my kitty with me. I picked him up late one evening, and brought him home--to the new house. I held him in my arms, and gave him the grand tour. I let him smell familiar furniture, my bed, and bedding, all the time talking softly to him. I even took him down to the basement where I placed his private bathroom, and took one of his paws in mine to scratch through the litter in his box so he would know where it was.

Now here is the miracle, and where I need some help. He has completely stopped the excessive shedding! I am in shock. I used to pet him [at the Tree House], and with just with one stroke over his body would have a handful of hair in my hand. His fur literally stuck to everyone like Velcro whenever he walked by them. I chased him off my bed because his shedding was so excessive it drove me crazy. I'd brush, and brush, and brush him but nothing helped.

Until now..... magically he has stopped shedding. Was it the ions in the air living on an island, surrounded by so much water that caused him to shed so much? Was it something in the Tree House he was allergic to? Was there something negative about the Tree House he could sense and caused him to shed so much??? What do you think it was? I know, I know why does it matter now that he's stopped shedding... But I'm still curious. Does anyone have any ideas or similar experiences that could "shed" [ha ha] some light on this for me?

I'll tell you this... I love this. No fur flying in the air when you touch him. Nope just a soft, silky little boy that is welcome to get up on my bed now.... Happy Happy Joy Joy!

REMINDER: Contest still open!!!
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  1. Cat are curious animals...I have had 6 over the 25 years husband and I have been married and I still have not figured them out! :D

    I guess what I am saying is "good luck!" :)


  2. Happy upcoming birthday!
    Your room looks lovely and Opie Taylor looks so relaxed, like he's celebrating being on your bed. I am as curious as you are about the shedding stopping. Your idea about ions somehow makes sense to me. But what do I know...nothing that would scientifically explain this miraculous change. :)

  3. Probably just another cat trick to keep you on your toes.

  4. I have no idea why he has quit shedding; it could have been allergies or stress either one that made him do it before. Maybe he just didn't like the tree house.

  5. beautiful cat... and what a wonderful plus.. no shedding...

  6. beautiful cat... and what a wonderful plus.. no shedding...

  7. Wow. That is amazing. Sure makes you wonder, Cats are so intuitive. Maybe there was presence there that made him feel uncomfortable. Sounds like this transition was ideal. I am glad he is happy and contented. I know that makes his momma happy too.

  8. I have no idea why, but goodie for you that he isw not shedding!

  9. Maybe Dylan gave him a magic potion. Can she keep Sadie for a week?

    That is really strange. Had to have been a sensitivity to something in the tree house... or, he just knew that wasn't where you were supposed to be!

    I still vote for the potion.

  10. wow. i am totally curious.

    it does make me wonder if it was something negative or stressful at the tree house all along? wow. my cat clove was always different, too. it seemed when i moved out from moms and visited he'd be shedding bad but when i moved back in after awhile it seemed he wasn't much anymore. so i wonder. i know seasons obviously have an effect. maybe you could call up a vet or go to a vet online?

  11. THis is great! U may just love ur kittle as much as I love mine!! ...and I'm a little obsessed :)

    Ya know-Was it warm at the tree house(as in were u in a location closer to the equator with more moisture in the air?! Cuz my sis had a long haired persian cat when we lived in Minnesota, and she didn't shed very much-BUT-When we moved to Florida, she was loosing hair rapidly and all year round. The doctor said that long haired animals lose hair when they're in a more humid/warm temperature-even if they don't go outside.
    His seems excessive tho! U should look on-line for information on his breed and how they adapt to temperatures-I did that recently and it helped.
    He's SUPER cute tho!!!! and I LOVE his name! Opie! :)
    Tell Opie that my cat, Jasmine Macaroon is sitting in my lap pawing his picture! They can be furry blog friends!!

  12. I like so many of the others don't know about cats, I'm just happy for both of you that he seems to be happy in his new home.

  13. Lille-who can figure cats out?? you have a very warm soft atmosphere in your bedroom. Cats get all the good stuff! ~rick

  14. *Cats are mythologically ~Healers~ so following that line of thinking perhaps because YOU are now truly at ~Home~ he too can relax now X:-)

  15. This reminds me of a (human) friend whose hair began falling out by the handful as soon as she and her new husband began painting the inside of a house they were restoring. The fumes from whatever type of paint they were using was the culprit. As soon as they switched to a different type of paint, her hair stopped falling out.

    So my guess is something in the Tree House had the same effect on your furry friend, not stress.

    Beautiful photos, btw!

  16. Maybe going through the change?
    Your cat looks lovely and in a lovely room too.

  17. I've never heard of that. When I had cats, they shed every minute of every day. I hope it lasts!!!!
    PS That looks like one very happy cat!

  18. What a sweetie pie!! Quite a blessing that the shedding is gone. Enjoy!

  19. What a wonderful blog you have here. Love your precious Opie, I have a Winnie, myself!
    Wishing you all the best,

  20. The first thing I thought of was "allergy". How bizarre! So glad it has cleared up.

    Happy upcoming birthday! I love your idea of celebrating it as a month!

  21. I think Opie is lucky to have such a loving human to help him on his way through life here, even to scratch in his litter, now that is a true token of love if there ever was one...

    Thanks a million for the tip on Nanny Goats In Panties... what a wonderful blog ! She said she'd like to borrow my goat photos... I'm thrilled. Am going to do another goat piece here shortly this evening, with a magic goat tree I found a while back...

    Greetings to Opie...

    Hmmm, names for your new pad ? How about :

    Opie's Palace

  22. Was he shedding all year round? Because it's now your autumn - so maybe he needs to keep a thick coat for the coming winter?

  23. I don't know much about kitties, but I bet Opie was trying to tell you something about the treehouse and now he is happy and content. He looks so snuggy on your bed.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha
    p.s. Mommy says to tell you that she knows that Ohio State mascot is a buckeye, she just has a teasing thing going on with another bloggy. They call our Bucky Badger "the squirrel" lol

  24. Hope you have a Happy Birthday! Mine is this month too!! Glad the kitty is not shedding anymore, that's a gift in itself. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog as one of my favorites on my blog!

  25. I thank you all, and appreciate your feedback regarding the lack of shedding by Mr. Taylor. I suppose the old saying applies here; "If it ain't broke....don't fix it!" Bottom line all that really matters is that he [we] are happy. Thanks again everyone!

  26. What cute photos of Opie! Sorry, I have no idea about the shedding.

  27. many thanks for following my wee blog

    as i have 2 cats with me on the old the bus .i enjoyed this post they are amazing animals and a joy to watch them go about their daily lifes

    peace and light my friend


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