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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Contest Reminder~

The house sits atop a lush green hill in a quiet valley.
The sky is bluer than a robin's egg,
and clouds dance in the heavens as if no one's watching...
Apples hang on the trees waiting for a hand
to pluck their ripeness from a branch.
At night the moon crawls past my windows
and I can hear the old man laughing.
Welcome home, dear one, welcome home.

Hosta in bloom

The Red Bench

Woodstock Lily Yard Art

Here are the names people have entered as the new name for my new digs. It's not too late to enter another suggestion.

~Lily Pad~
suggested and supported by;
Lily @ Blahwg!, Life on the farm
lovelyprism @ Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered,
Rachael @ Rachael's Carrma
priti.lisa @ priti studio
Lisa @ Eco Yogini
Jean @ Pondering...

~Star Gazer~
by Allen @ Allen's Adventures

~Apple Cottage~
by Lily @ Blahwg!, Life on the farm,

~Smoke Free Peace Place~
by Mark @ The Walking Man

~No Smoking~
by Rick @ One Big Love

~Angelic Hill~
~House of Bliss~

by Tina @ "Yes, that's my child screaming"

~Big Sky Cottage~
~Night Sky Cottage~
~Starry Sky Cottage~

by Stoneweaver

~Paradise Found~
by Anne and Sassy Sasha

~Heavenly Hill~
by Joanna Jenkins @ The Fifty Factor

by Robert @ Barefoot Navigation

~Junior Acre~
by The Gaffer Girls

~Hill House~
by Snowbrush

~Sky View~
~Star View~

by Nina P's Thoughts and Musings

~Dream House~
~Sketch Pad~
by Jake @ Scattered Rhythms

~Lily's TLC, "Tranquility, Love, and Contentment"~
by Mother Moon's Message

~This Side of Heaven Manor~

by the Jodi @ Creager Studios

~Faraway Cottage~
by The Water Cats

~Lily Hill~
by the Squirrel Queen

by the Frog Queen

~Avalon Cottage~
Avalon is a type of apple
by TMC @ Return to Rural

If I've missed someone please speak up! I'd hate to think I missed anyone. This is so exciting. There are some great name suggestions.

I'll be closing the contest on Sunday October 11 and announcing the winner on Tuesday October 13 my birthday! [send cake... send balloons... send hugz... send ice cream... send licorice jelly beans.... send spice gumdrops.... send love...send smiles.. did I say send cake??... carrot cake....yum...]
In the meantime....

~Opie's waiting patiently to announce the new home name~


  1. i better send some names. i'm feeling left out. just haven't been so creative lately so here go my attempts:

    in the bosom


    naunie's treasures

  2. There IS no better name than "lilypad"!

  3. Love this Idea......
    Here is my contribution

    White Lily Cloud
    Heaven Haze

  4. what fun this has got to be for you... I love that red bench... gorgeous...

  5. Here's my thoughts:

    HeartLand (cottage)
    Cloud Nine

  6. Lily's Love

    Valley View Acres

    Momma's Tractor Hill

    Creative Blossom

    New Beginnings or New Hope

    and to include Superman
    Super Lily Pad

    or Love on a Hill

    Love your photo's and that lawn is mowed to perfection! (smiles). I love the secrets and possibilities held in the red bench... Blessings to you and yours. Love and light, Nina P

  7. With that adorable last photo I just have to add

    Opie's View

    or Lily's View if you prefer. Or

    La petite maison de Lis

    Petite maison pour trois

  8. Kryptons View

    You know supermans planet?
    I had one before but I can't remember it so it probably wasn't any good.

    Peace House

    Don't know where that came from, I was thinking about your red bench and the pictures on the wall....

  9. Hilltop Heights
    Hillside Manor
    Lily Village
    Lily Villa

  10. Rae already tossed it in but I'll second it: Cloud Nine.

    Lilypad still rocks pretty hard, though.

    Hoochie Mamma's (fun, right?)
    Pot o' Gold
    Rainbow's End

    Whatever name wins... you have one gorgeous home!

  11. what a perfect bench!... :-) a beautiful autumn perch.. :-D

  12. ~~Eternity... Your input is always welcome and no are full swing in the most creative time of your life. Motherhood. That takes lots of creativity. Thanks for 3 great names. Hugzzz~~

    ~~kenju... I'm liking Lily Pad, too! Gives me visuals. Good ones. LOL Hugzzz~~

    ~~Linda... Thank you! I could do a painting off the first one in a heartbeat! White Lily Cloud conjures up all sorts of whimsy in my head. Hugzzz~~

    ~~Mother Moon... Isn't it a doozy?? I found it on the side of the road. Oh... I had Superman putting the brakes on big time! He loves that about me...thank da good Lawd... cause I make him stop all the time for me. I have an upcoming blog about some other recent curb side finds. Big Yum! Hugzzz~~

    ~~Rae... Wowzers! I love your input! Xanadu reminds me of Olivia Newton John. Love that girls voice! I love the peaceful flow of all your suggestions. Heartland Cottage gives me ideas... and of course I'm rockin' on Cloud Nine. Makes me wanna sing some Stones... Hugzzz, my precious~~

    ~~Nina P... You go girl! Look at all that creativity flowing out of you! I am lovin' this! Superman is chuckling, I'm sure, at all the sweet mentions of him in the comments. Super heroes can blush, ya know... Opie is chuckling [ok make that guffawing] about "Momma's Tractor Hill" He said it's even funnier watching me maneuver those ski slopes in the front yard. Must be my facial expressions... Thank you, Nina P! Hugzzz~~

    ~~Miss Judy Squirrel Queeeeen... Oh what fun. Opie is pulling out his French Dictionary. We're both loving the swanky oooo la la la and talking all French-like. Like Pep E La Pew.[spelled phonetically of course] "Oui Oui" <<<< [Opie was trying to impress Miss Cindy Lou Who] Hugzzz~~

    ~~TC... I will go back to see if you left a comment elsewhere on a post. I believe you are correct that you had another submission. I'm on it like Sherlock! Please accept my apology on missing it...nothing to do with good or's all good, including my mentalpause. Ahem, you may quote me on that one, too. =] Peace House feels good, feels like I feel when I wake up here. Thanks so much. Superman thanks you, too!~~~

    ~~~Funny in my mind... Slam dunks on those, girl! This is so much fun reading everyone's suggestions! Noted and put in the hat, Miss Funny Pants! I'm liking your energy! Hugzzz~~

    ~~~Jean.. That Cloud Nine is sassy. But so is Hoochie Mamma's. That makes me wanna shimmy, shake, and get slinky. I hear the song, "Let's Give Em Something To Talk About"... I promise I'll dress appropriately when I mow... [maybe hehehehe] Thanks for stopping by again! Hugzzz~~~

    ~~~Mark... Opie has a thumb up for this one. Well, actually it is an entire paw. He obviously is innocent about this one, and didn't read my reply to Jean. He thinks slinky is a toy you play with. Truthfully, at one time in the 80's I was going to open a shop strictly for cat lovers, and name it "The Cat House". I was going to bill it as the only legal cat house in the state of CA. LOL I could have shimmied all the way to the bank... Hugzzzz!

    ~~the water cats... Speaking of cats... here's my favorite singing cats in the whole wide world! [psssst need to check these cats out! Go visit them. You'll see why I love em so much!] I love that red bench, too, Vicki! It screams sass and looks so spectacular in the garden. I'm leaving it out this winter so I can get some great shots of it dressed in a shawl of snow. Hugzzzz to my Irish cats~~

  13. A name? Red Bench Ranch? Ship of Fools Farms? Live Fast, Die Hard Estates? Love a Duck Manor? Damn Smelly Smokers Ran Me Out Plantation?

    Maybe you could do with the name like most people do with computer desktop backgrounds--change it out every now and then.

  14. Wow look at all the cool name you have to choose from. Gosh I hope you pick mine. hehe

  15. What I want to know is - how do you find such fabulous places to live? What is your secret? (We are looking for somewhere new to rent and I'd just love to find somewhere as gorgeous as your place!)

  16. I love that song! Bonnie has been a fave for eons d:-)

  17. How about Opie's New Opus or Maybe Lily's Pad Or Lily's Lounge?

  18. yay! can't wait to see what the new name is :) your new studio looks fabulous by the way :)


  19. I love all the creativity coming in for the name of my new abode. I have some other entiries that came in through facebook which I'll add to my master list. =] Wonderful friends, wonderful suggestions, and wonderful you took time to help me... I'm so blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. Oh, I like Rae's Xanadu! That sounds like a name you'd pick! Can't wait to read the winner.

  21. Lily Pad is a great name, I agree! I also like Day Lily Dreaming, Cat's Meow Cottage, Lily's Pad.
    There's no place like home!


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