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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Colorful Way to Recycle

More pics from the road trip to KY.
We found this car sitting on the side of the road as a
colorful sign for an antique store.
Plus you can scarf down some great cookin'...

Yes, I give this car a thumbs up for color
and all it's junk is out in the open not in the trunk.
As George Carlin said, "To you it's my me it's my stuff."
I also have a gift of finding great junk left on the roadside.
So my car has resembled this one
when I hauled my treasures home.
Yeah, baby, I have lots of gifts.....
Just ask my friends...
~They want most of the stuff I've hauled home~
Recycling at its finest....
I have a few more pics to show of the trip to my Mom's in KY, then I'll share with everyone what I learned about myself regarding my PTSD, and my progress with it. I needed some time to digest all the things I experienced being in a car for such a long trip. Bottom line, I did it. Fears and all, I did it! But sharing it helps it get smaller in my mind. Does that make sense to you???

Maybe if I drove a colorful car like this one people would stay the heck out of my way on the road! Hmmmmmm..... [makes a memo to herself to slap some bright paint on her car....]...[or collage it.... yeah, baby!!]


  1. Share away about your pstd. Glad your trip went well?
    I like to find stuff along the road too. I never get to pick it up but I did have my eye on a perfectly good wicker chair that sat by the road for a long time, then I stopped, it wasn't as good as I thought.
    The best was my ex husband, he worked road construction and found a hand embroidered Christmas tree skirt and a $100 bill in one month. He got the skirt in the divorce of course. LOL

  2. You remember "Wacky races" yes? Didn't the "Hill Billy bears" have a car rather like this one? Didnt it have a kind of shack with a little chimney on the top...or did I smoke too much wacky baccy in the 70's?....

  3. Congrats on making the trip! Sounds like real progress!!!

  4. lol- awesome Car!!! fantastic.

    yes, sharing making it smaller makes perfect sense. :)

  5. Hey Lille ! What a wonderful car... unbelievable in fact. I love the rooster on the hood. They are everywhere here in France... roosters that is. Not cars like that. Nope, that is a typically Kentucky creation. So happy to see you're out and about ! Excellent news... hope all is well in the Lily Pad...
    A bientôt...

  6. That car is definitely an attention getter! Can't wait to hear more about the road trip.

  7. I love the car...wouldn't be caught dead riding in it but I love it.

    And yes putting your understanding into words makes sense Lily.

  8. What a Great Sign, Car, Sign, Car... Art.. Oh.. It's Great! I'm glad you had time to visit and enjoy the countryside! PTSD is strong. I'm glad that the bond of family was greater. Each little "win" helps put PTSD in its place. May you have many more victories. Blessings. Love and Light, Nina P

  9. Whoever thought up painting that car for a sign is a genius!

  10. Good job! Digest and then please share as you want- it sounds like no small accomplishment(PS - I've always secretly wanted to drive a metallic purple camaro)

  11. That is a coool car! I'd love to buy an old 2 cv van and colour it in this way - hubby won't allow me to 'be creative' with our current model ;o)

  12. What a funny sign! Definitely a stand out and one that's memorable. What a great idea.

  13. I would totally drive that car. :)

  14. I have a23 year old truck and it runs great but the body HMMMM I am thinking of doing something fun with the paint job!!!

  15. Really diggin' the car! So happy to have found your blog and I look forward to many future visits.


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