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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learn a Second Language Here

Superman and I went out exploring the new hood after sitting on the front porch eating popcorn, and watching the clouds dance across the sky. Here's some country sights and sounds.

Popcorn munching IS a country sound---isn't it???

Goatage????? That's a word---right? It most certainly is! Looky over there >>>> to the right on the side bar. It's the unabridged Lilyputian Dictionary. And that's what we speak around here in this part of the country.

Just think... in a few short weeks of following this blog, you will be able to speak another language. And who knew learning a second language could be soooooooo much fun? And easy? See you're already ready for lesson two.....

Keep checking the sidebar for new words to add to your vocabulary. People will want to be you after they hear all the clever new words popping out of your mouth as free as a bird.

Now get out there and find some goatage... Oh look!!! A goat sighting right here!

Oh yeah! Now HERE's some goatage. Go check out the goatage, and tell her you speak Lilyputian. You'll get an extra bag of goatage snacks to feed the herds while you're there.


  1. You can see some goatage here:

  2. I like your Lilyputian dictionary - and I have Judyisms. LOL

  3. ~~Funny in my Mind... Goatage, goatage, goatage everywhere! Goats must be the new Alpaca, llama or cuteness.... Superman used to raise them. He has a huge heart for goats, and girls [like me]who speak Lilyputian... I like your goats, too. It's always nice when you can spend time with your family. Hugzzzzz

    LOL I can't talk with out using my hands or making words up. Hey... it keeps peeps on their toes. Gotta love that! Nice to see you again, Judy. I'll be over soon to visit. Still unpacking after the move. Hugzzzzz

  4. I'll buy goatage as a word. And why wouldn't I - HAHA!!

    Thanks for the shout out today, sweetie!

  5. Very funny. Hmmm I think I could add few words to that dictionary, just by all the names I call my dog BOOTY POOOTY for one.

  6. LOL! This reminds me a bit of the show "Chelsea Lately" where they come up with interesting words for anatomy so they don't get in trouble on t.v. like kaslopus...which does have a way of finding itself into ones vocabulary :)

  7. Your blog = a laugh & a smile.

    Thanx & Love, Lis

  8. I love it - Lilyputian! I love the idea of your very own dictionary.

  9. I enjoy our goatage, but whenever I try to enjoy the peacefulness of passing clouds the rooster go off breaks my train of thought. Did I use that correctly?

    I have a hard enough time remember the English words!

  10. the funniest thing about "goatage" is that when you said it, you were entirely serious. and now a word from the little guy:

    >s?+_fuvcv cc wwwwvcqzx,bp?

  11. nmm vb ssxzzzzz d.c./; ccggggggggggvv n...........................dbbbfcx7uhjnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    he wanted to say a little more. haha.


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