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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Contest Winner!!!

We have a winner!!!!!!

There was a total of 94 entries! 94!!!! WOW! Superman and I printed them up using the hotel's printer since we are still on the trip to visit my Mom. So I apologize for being a day late announcing the winner. Birthday celebrations, and a flurry of family visitations made it for a very late night.... [details soon to follow]

~BUT we do have a winner, and here's how we did it~

Every name had its own slip of paper.

Including a name to go with each person
who liked Lily Pad as the prospective new name.

We hand cut each one...

Folded up all 94 entries....

Put them in my favorite hat...

Superman mixed them all up and.....

Handpicked the winner.....

Are you dying to know??????

I had butterflies waiting for him to unfold the winner.....

Lily Pad entered by Lisa @ Eco Yogini

Her blog is delightful!!!! ~check it out~

But first, please help me congratulate her!!!

I am ecstatic!! Giddy!!!! Elated!!!!

Lily Pad

Thank you so much everyone for making this a fun, enjoyable and creative experience! Everyone of you are winners in my book for participating, and especially for being such great friends, and followers! Email me, Lisa!!!! Let's get started planning your painting!!!!


  1. I like the name Lily Pad. Perfect! Congrats to the winner.

  2. yayayayyayyayaa lisssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    and uhm. love those pics, miss superman!

  3. Oh, well... Maybe I'll be luckier on the Mega Millions. Hey, it does bear my name! Congrats to Lisa!

    Hope you're having a fantastic time! See you soon!

  4. Congratulations to Lisa! Love it... "Lily Pad". :)

  5. I love that! It is so perfect. That was fun and I am glad you have such a great name now. I hope Opie approves.

    Anne and Sasha

  6. Terrific!! Congrats, Lisa!!

    (please post the prize painting, ok?)

  7. Congratulations to Lisa and I hope you many happy years @ Lily Pad Lille Diane.

  8. Lily Pad is perfect! Congratulations Lisa.

  9. Lilly Pad is a cool name. Way to go Lisa!

  10. Hi Lille, sounds like all involved had a good time, you, opie, superman, and the grand prize winner... but then, we are all winners when we come visit here... as we come away a litte richer every time...

  11. Oh my!!! WOOT WOOT I am so PUMPED!!! Seriously, I thought that all the people who chose 'Lily pad' won... LOL. silly me!

    YAY!!!!!!! I will most certainly post a picture of my wonderful fantastical painting on my blog and link here!

    I personally ADORE the name, so I'm so glad it suits you!

    *blush* thank you so much for the wonderful words of congrats....

    (I actually did a little dance in my office- thank goodness no one saw me! LOL).



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