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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn Blessings

I love this time of year especially Halloween. As a kid I'd plan all year what my costume would be. How wonderful to be blessed with my own reason to celebrate the day in yet another way when I grew up.

Taken at the Shaker Village in KY.

My little pumpkin at one year old.
He was born on October 31.

Now he has a pumpkin of his very own.

So many wonderful reasons to celebrate life today.
Happy Birthday, son.
~I love you~

And soon we will gather at the table for another special holiday.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

"What? Thanksgiving?? Holy Turkey Gizzards!!"


  1. Love the photos and happy birthday to your son...he has a cute little pumpkin there!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Is that your neighbors turkey?
    Run, Tom, run!

    Happy baby pumpkin day!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son. What a beautiful picture that is. I love Fall too, it is my favorite. Happy Halloween! Are you going to give that turkey a running start??


  4. Hi,
    Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, and a Blessed Samhain to you!

  6. Your cute son looks so adorable holding his baby! Happy Birthday to him!

  7. I have found that autumns best blessing is as it passes we are closer to Spring. Has anyone figured a way to skip winter yet?

    Of course we can't skip winter 'til after the guys birthday...Hope it was a good one kid!

  8. You must be a very proud Mum and Granma. What lovely photos. Samhain Blessings from England.

  9. happy semi belated birthday to your lad! and congrats on having them all around for a while.. hope your phone and pooter get sorted soon!

  10. Happy Halloween Lily ! And may the pumpkins go on and on...

  11. Happy Birthday to your son! I always thought it would be so cool to have a halloween birthday!

    Great photos, the colors are brilliant!~

  12. Belated Happy Birthday to your youngun!

    I visited the Shaker Village many years ago. What a gorgeous place.



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