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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flying Dream--Part One

I had a liberating, vivid flying dream. Lord how I love my flying dreams.

Part One: The Flying Dream

I was in Ojai, CA with my son Jake & he had concerns about what his dad would think about his hair having a swath of lime green in it. We decided since his dad doesn't have a great sense of humor about body piercings, hawks, and tatts, that we would tone his hair down a bit before he met up with his Dad. I happened to whip a bottle of hair color out of nowhere, and proceeded to dab a "safe, neutral, mousy brown" on both of our heads. I didn't actually need to color my hair-- I'm just a Loreal junkie. One sniff of that peroxide, chemical blend and I gotta have it! What can I say? They can't arrest me for it!

So there we are, my son and I sitting in a bathroom in a Mexican restaurant on Ojai Ave we used to go to all the time when we lived there, waiting for his hair to change from chartreuse to blah brown. Tick tock tick tock... time flys when you're dreaming....

Exit Dream

Real Life Footnote: Jake's dad is battling cancer for the 3rd time. Throat cancer. He just completed a harsh round of chemo and radiation. Jake hasn't seen his dad for a few years, and his dad hasn't seen Emery, Jake's son, who is his only grandchild. His dad can't fly out here to visit--the flight would take a toll on his already compromised body. And no one could afford to pay airfare for Jake, Ashley & Emery to go to CA to see his dad. Until I received a letter from an old friend in CA. Do you all remember my friend, Pamela Barrett who wrote, 'Tales of the Titmouse'? One of the characters in this book, Penny, is the friend that sent me a Christmas letter.

I'm embarrassed to say the envelope sat in a pile of Christmas cards unopened for a couple of weeks. I was too sick, and too exhausted from the severe panic attacks due to PTSD I was having plus a bad sinus infection. It was difficult to focus on much of anything except trying to keep my mind above water. Finally I found a place of peace to focus properly, I began opening my cards. I never expected a check to fall out of the envelope written to Jake from my dear friend of 39 years. She had a small inheritance left to her, and set aside funds for Jake's secondary education. She said she thought a trip for the three of them to come to CA so his dad could see his grandson, and family was a perfect secondary education---one called Life.

Needless to say... We are all overwhelmed, and in awe of such love and generosity coming from such an unexpected source. The Universe does hear you, and does bring you what you need. Thank you my precious friend, Penny, for loving me all these years. Thank you Pam & John, for visiting Jake's daddy at Christmas. Thank you for the secondary education funds you provided for Jake, Penny. He's planning the trip now. I'll keep you all posted...

Part Two of the Flying Dream coming up soon.


  1. My gosh, what an angel! Some people are just better than words, aren't they? I love the dream, too. :)

    Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Some people are just good through and through! Oh, And I'm ordering her book from Amazon, as soon as I receive my gift certificate in the mail.

  3. Not opening the cards sounds like something I would do. Great dream but better reality and GREAT friend you have there.

  4. I used to have flying dreams all the time. It's been years, though. I miss those dreams.

    Also, love your new mantra! I think living life with gusto is a great idea! :)


  5. Flying in dreams takes a lot of effort on the part of the dreamer. It expresses a heartfelt desire to take off in new directions.

  6. Nice story you share here - I am a firm beliver than in life "not every classroom has a desk nor every church a steeple", this gesture proves the fact that the "education" of life presented is proof of this. Thanks for a story that makes the heart smile!

  7. Gosh I haven't visited for a while... beautiful images.
    Hope you have a lovely dreamy weekend :O)

  8. Oh my heart is happy for Jake. People and their love for others amazes me. Thank your friend for me too. As this story did my heart so much good . I will also say a prayer for Jakes father and hope will recover too.

  9. Oh, wow! I love the story of your friend. And it seems that you opened the card at just the perfect time for Jake and family to plan the trip out to see his dad. And flying dreams, I started having them just recently. Many of them and so much in real time and seemingly real surroundings that I'm always convinced it's real until I wake up and see I was flying in that "other" reality called dreams... So glad you found my blog!! Hugs, Silke

  10. Awesome! Now, that's a friend! It's so wonderful that they can have their family reunion.

    And aren't weird dreams wonderful?


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