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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Colors of Winter

Taken from my kitchen window

Winter is alive with color

Even if I only get a peek behind a branch

The color of winter waves back to me

Life at the Lily Pad is psychedelic & colorful.


  1. At least we now know that the birds haven't flown the coop for more snow less climes.

  2. Love the photos! That shot of the cardinal is wonderful. And the berries stand out against the background. Very cheerful photos!

  3. there is hope for spring!

  4. You have a gorgeous view from your kitchen window. Spring will be here soon.

  5. What lovely photos...simple yet colourful!

  6. Im SO green jelly! And from your window!! Ive been chasing, yes, chasing cardinals for weeks and have yet to get a photo!

  7. Your pictures brought back a favorite memory! One winter day a bird was sitting in my weeping cherry. He wanted the berries from the holly, but the cats were sunning themselves on the sidewalk. I held some berries in the palm of my hand... He must have been pretty hungry. He hopped to the branch next to my hand and ate out of it! I get a thrill when things like that happen! Enjoy the view!

  8. Your birdies are fabulous! We are just starting to get some back around here. Yea! I'm done with winter this year... :)

  9. These are beautiful! I love birds and I love winter - I'm constantly taking pics but never got any shots like these.

  10. Do brown deer, black trees, and white snow count as color? We have blue jays too and coyotes. I can't gripe we also have bald eagles and cardinals and I have a bush like yours but the ground has been white for a long long time.....
    Great pictures!

  11. Wow! those photos are so vibrant and amazing! I love to see a glowing red cardinal shining through the brown of winter.

  12. Absolutely stunning! We used to live in an area with mature trees and I miss all the visitors to the bird feeder. My favorites were the downy woodpeckers. You've inspired me to find new feeders and entice some color back into our new yard.

    Your photographs look like paintings! So SO lovely.


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