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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Interview with Laura Hollick

So what does one wear for a Skype interview??? The same things newscasters wear under their desks.... A bright, bold colored pair of Monkey Pantz. Uh huh. Just like I promised. Neon, baby. Hey a girl has to do what ever it takes to keep the sass in her pantz. Here's some info about Laura. I love this woman's spirit!

Laura Hollick
Laura Hollick is one of the emerging creative thinkers in the Human Potential movement that is sweeping our planet. She is redefining art as a way of living and inspiring people around the world to create their lives as a work of art. Selected from across Canada, BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura's life and work, called 'The Artist's Life'. She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows and published over 200 articles on creativity and lifestyle that expresses the creative spirit.

Laura’s personal art is a reflection of her unique creative spirit. She often combines elements of nature and transforms them into imaginary worlds that seduce us to deepen our awareness and lead us home to spirit. Laura’s work is an inspirational feast for the soul. In 2008 Laura was nominated for "Artist of the Year' and in 2009 was voted 'Best Female Artist' by View Magazine.

At the heart of it all Laura's work is a deep desire to connect with spirit and connect spirit with the world, to grow spirit on earth. She says, "My life is my soul's work. I am here to create my masterpiece--myself."

Check out my audio interview with Laura and her studio, Soul Art. And my Monkey Pantz below...

Please leave a comment on Laura's blog to let her know you were there...

Psssstttttt.... FYI


  1. Great interview--you owe it all to those monkey pants! lol

  2. Opie so needs a pair of monkey pants! Cute face :)

    For some reason I was thinking of you today. I hope you are having a joyful weekend!

  3. I must have been sent the wrong memo. When I do my Skype conferencing I'm typically not wearing such exciting pants. I have a nicely pressed shirt on and sometimes a sportcoat, but I always thought trousers were optional.

  4. My "Power pants" are bright yellow with SpongeBob faces all over them. They are comfy and my kids think I am cool (weird). I worked in TV for a while and a fellow anchor friend always asked if it was a work day or a "SpongeBob pants day" - I always hoped for the latter...

  5. Tell Opie I'm wearing my Spongebob monkey pants right now! ...and Mickey says hi.

    Loved the interview. You are so talented. I am amazed.

  6. Hi Lilli,
    I've had the house to myself today and I wore my version of monkey pants all day. I so enjoyed your interview with Laura. Nice to hear your voice. I have made myself such a loooooong "blog love list" that I loose track of folks. I took time to check in with lots of folks today and it was a very good thing. My house is a wreck, but I'm smiling.
    Laura is right, you know. You are a healer. Go get 'em, girl!


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