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Monday, March 1, 2010

Pink Lady

Here's a collage of my new art. The Pink Lady, Dragonfly Moon, and Butterfly Heart are water colors. The bottom right is colored pencil and ink.

I'm updating my 101 Creative To Do List and will have a link up for it soon.

My kid's are traveling through New Mexico right now. Emery has been a great traveling baby. Thank you all for keeping them tucked in your thoughts, and sprinkling them with prayers.


  1. Cool collage...loving all the redish on the face!

  2. The painting is gorgeous and the kiddos are, too!

  3. The pink lady caught my eye with her glowing face. Lovely. Also the angel is just beautiful.

  4. Hi Lille Diane! I just saw you are following me and I moseyed on down here to see what you are all about. I love your style... so now I follow you too! look forward to reading more.

    I really like your take on the blog awards.. they can be excruciating, I think I might copy ;)


  5. Hey hey!! beautiful new pictures and photos! I'm sorry to hear of your mum and kid's dad.. I'm sending good thought their way.
    That is a pair of trousers and a half :-D
    You seem to be blossoming in your new abode, your art is just bursting with energy and joy and just every ounce of hippy peace love and music in the universe.. man!
    Thinkin of you! the cats!

  6. So colorful! Love the butterfly!

  7. She has a lovely face. Calm and peaceful, yet wise. :)

  8. ~~Flor Larios... Thank you. This is a great compliment coming from you~

    ~~Lori... [is grinning ear to ear...] thanks~

    A-Dreams... It is so kind of you to stop by. I appreciate your sweet comments~

  9. ~~Mz Lily... my precious friend & adopted sis... You are my undercover angel~ Thank you~

    ~Cats!!!!! Oh my goodness I've missed you. I'll be over soon to catch up with you, too! Thank you for sending a bushel full of love!!!

    ~~Amy... I am loving bright colors. And letting my spirit fly free using them. Thanks~

    ~~Eva... You are my special butterfly that faithfully flies through my puter to bless me with a huge smile. Thank you, sweetie~

    ~~tera... A huge thank you. Her face is unlike anything I've ever done before.

  10. The pink lady is FAB!! I love the colors, the hearts tree, moon, butterfly and dragon fly....

    And the little tyke is sooooo cute!!! No wonder he's the apple of your eye! Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

  11. I really like the mood of the collage as well as the textures & colors. Very well done!


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