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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eye Candy

This is what makes my heart race, pure and simple.
It's my drug of choice.

I love to see my art supplies when I walk into my studio. It's my visual eye candy. I love seeing paint on my sleeve or on the side of my hand when I'm standing in the store reaching into my purse to pay for groceries. I love peeling layers of glue, Mod Podge or some other gel medium off my fingers or palms. These are all reminders I'm living my dreams.

I love seeing my signature on a finished piece of art.

Or looking at a page in my art journal.
I carry it with me everywhere I go.

Or seeing an angels eyes looking back at me as she comes to life.

Eye candy....
This is my eye candy.
For you it may be a garden you've worked with your hands.
A tiny, soft green sprout pushing through the soil.
A masterpiece you've baked to perfection.
A smile in your child's eyes.
A droplet of sweat trickling down your face after
a bike ride or a Zumba class.
A steaming cup of hot tea shared with a best friend.
A perfectly balanced checkbook.
A clean house.
A racy sport car with the top down.
What is your eye candy?
What makes your heart skip a beat?


  1. My eye candy is the Celtics basketball team.

    Godiva chocolates

    The view from Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park.

    The view almost anywhere along the Oregon coast.

    My gorgeous grandkids!

  2. I agree with you 100%! That and a box of milk chocolate.

  3. My children
    My grandchildren
    A room full of fresh flowers that I am able to arrange.

    I used to draw often, and I think I ought to start again.

  4. ok, to be honest my eye candy is George Clooney, yum.

    but aside from my sweet little boy, I am with you on the loving art and all the things that go with it like brushes and paint under your nails on your clothes.. it really is a statement... I AM AN ARTIST!!! What a great post :)

  5. Seeing YOUR work on my wall (!) It is above my computer and every now and then I see 'Expect miracles' - oh I do I do!

    Another piece of eye candy are my cats of course. I mean - that's part of how they earn their rent - being totally beautiful. My Abyssinian is the most stunning of cats - and soon we are to have a new kitten too (a maine coon).

    I also have a fetish for writing supplies - just don't leave me alone in Rymans for too long...

  6. All the above! (Except I can't remember what a clean house feels like.) We are twins! I was peeling paint off my fingers tonight. (I'll post a pic of my masterpiece soon ;)

    Isn't it great to create? It is my drug of choice, too. (Although a bit of wine goes very nicely...)

  7. I wish I had talents like you. I would love to be able to paint. Or even draw.

    But I have learned that I am good at putting things together, so I guess I will stick with that.


  8. I'm a minor very part-time artist but I have had that feeling walking into an art supply store - also a book store!!

  9. My eye candy are pens and notebooks, even if I don't use them very much now. Despite the ease of the computer, my eye candy is watching the squiggles become words and hearing the scrich scrich of pen on paper. I totally enjoyed your eye candy and stand in awe of your talents.

  10. ~Art~ in all it's many (sometimes quirky-the type i like best) forms <3 <3 <3

  11. I love your angel.
    My eye candy is my mountain of bead containers. I love to look through everything and ooh and ahh. Sadly I don't have nearly the time to make jewelry that I would like to have.

    ps. I keep going back to your cute cute pic of Opie saying "I wear da monkey pantz"! I makes me smile every single time :)

  12. Ah, I just love this post! I love that one of your eye candy is your signature on a finished piece of art. Coming from a modest family, I was "trained" to become invisible at all time. But the fact is I take pride in my artwork and I want to show them off. Thank you for such wonderful post. It touched my heart! :)

  13. I don't even know right now! I suppose a metaphorical silver lining around some of the storm clouds in my life right now would be good eye candy. I'd have to say the one that remains even in the eye of this storm is the puffy lips and chubby cheeks on my lil bubba when he is asleep :-)

  14. This is what makes my heart race, pure and simple.

    It's my drug of choice.
    DITO AND AMEN TO THAT!!! Love your blog, I think I was a flower child in a past life! LOL Thanks for visiting mine now I've seen how wonderous yours is I'll have to lift my game!!! LOL Your son and grandson are gorgeous and the winter/ bird photos blew my mind! I'll be back soon!


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