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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mile Markers

Look. A mile marker. I am almost to my one year anniversary for my blog. I started it without knowing if anyone would even read it. I started it because I needed to heal, find something to do while I healed, and to lift my spirits. I started it to light my creative heart on fire, and actually create a list of all the things I wanted to do with my wonderful life. I understood I had been spared from dying and have been grateful beyond words to have another shot at living my dreams. But first I needed to heal, and I had no idea I would still be in the learning curve of how to get back into the game of life nearly 2 years after the auto accident.

I'm OK with that. OK with taking care of me. OK with what I've learned from the 'gift' of an unexpected life altering change wrapped in a package called... PTSD. This is a gift I'm learning from and hopefully helping others who have PTSD heal, too.

Art heals. Writing heals. Music heals. Having a good therapist (thanks Dr. Ed and Mary) helps me heal. Having supportive family & friends helps me heal. (thanks, Jake & Ash. thanks, Mommy. thanks, my dear Dylan. thanks to so many of you! I cannot list all of your names individually for fear I will omit someone special) Having a real live Superman in my life has helped me heal. Having Opie Taylor, errrr I mean Opie Wan Kenobi here at my side faithfully has helped me heal. Having met so many of you here online in the blog world has helped me heal. I started keeping track of how many people stop by about a month after I started my blog. WOW!!!

Over 20,000!!!!

And for those of you who fly by, read my blog without ever letting me know you were here. Thank you so very, very much. The numbers tell me you were here, and come back over & over to see how I'm doing. Thank you so much. I feel like you are angels popping in to bless me.

My 101 Creative To Do List is up if you'd like to see what I've accomplished this past 11 months. CLICK HERE TO SEE LIST

I'm moving into warp speed to complete a bunch more on the list before the official one year anniversary. There's a contest I promised you coming up, too. In fact several. I didn't forget the contest I mentioned when Lisa received her painting from the last contest. [insert HUGE smile here] You can read about it here. LISA's Painting

Opie has some tricks up his monkey pantz to show you, too. We are officially into the count down of the one year mile marker. Let's get this party started!

We need to let some of the party favors
outta da monkey pantz...


  1. Has it been a year already? It doesn't seem that long ago does it?

    You started your blog one month to the day after I did, we've been here on blogger together for most of that time. The seasons have changed and so have we, for the better.

    Keep following your dreams Lille, you have the power.


  2. I have a blogaversary coming up, too. It will make a year since I started on June 1st. I thought you'd been on much longer than I--you're such a pro! Looking forward to the party!

  3. Congrats on your One Year Bloggerversary !!! (mine is tomorrow) ~ JC ~

  4. Great post, i love happy posts! Glad to read you're doing fine. Following your dreams is what we love for i think. And blogging is great, so nice to meet inspiring people all over the world. :-)

    Sweet greetz for you!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You're doing so well. I love that we found this place and can be here for each other! *hugs*

  6. Congrats on the anniversary.
    Wow, I'm impressed... 420 followers! I will have my one year anniversary next month and I have about a tenth that many....
    What's your secret?

  7. Gee, there was a bunch of us that started about the same time! How did we all find each other in a town as big as Blogville?

    You are so warm and happy, I can't imagine people not wanting to visit here!

    Happy Anniversary Sis!

  8. Congrats Miss Lille! You have such a lovely, charming and hopeful blog.

  9. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. You are just the kind of person I would hope would see it and appreciate meant alot to me to do this dedication to my favorite poet and his muse. I like your blog very much and I agree..I'm not into blog awards either and I think that blogging helps healing and keeps your mind creative. I'll visit again! Kim

  10. hi! i'm eleni from greece! i love your blog! it is full of joy and colours! i also love that you always carry your journal with you! me too!!!!
    please visit me ! i adore art journaling!!!

  11. Hi Lille, thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you. It is amazing how fast that first year of blogging arrives. I never expected to meet so many wonderful people and for it to become such a part of my life.

    I love the bright, vibrant colors on your blog!! As you can tell from mine, I am a big fan of color!!


  12. Thank you everyone. We have so much to celebrate. Welcome new followers, and how awesome it is to have all my faithful friends here. You make waking up a joy. Thank you!!!

  13. :) I'm happy for you! Happy Blogaversary...what an incredible accomplishment. Congratulations. :):)

  14. Meanwhile we changed home, the kid is now able to talk, write and walk...thank you for your measurement of time, life and so much more.

    Happy Anniversary for you !

    And a wonderful Sunday as well.

  15. Happy anniversary! You're way further than I was at one year! Hell, you're way further than I am at three years! 20,000 is great!!!!

  16. Congratulations! I like your site. =o)


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