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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year New Contest

Lisa, from Eco Yogini, was one of 94 people who entered the contest last fall to name my new home. There were hundreds of fabulous entries. "The Lily Pad" was also suggested by several people but it was Lisa's name I picked out of the hat--literally. The prize was a custom painting created for her by me.

Yesterday her painting arrived at her door.

Click Here
to watch her open it.

Her fiance, Andrew, captured the moment of her
opening the package from start to end.
Adorable... simply adorable.
This was so much fun...
I'm thinking up a new contest.
For those of you who leave a comment here
AND at Lisa's blog,
I'll put your name in the hat TWICE!
Stay TUNED for prize announcement!


  1. What a lucky girl! I love the painting.

  2. What a clever name for your home. :) Very cool how you personalized the painting.

    Glad to have discovered your blog via CED 2010!

  3. I love the way you made the painting special for her! And your photo is so cute!

  4. I love the name (it was my choice too) and I love how you rewarded her!!

  5. Hello!

    I love the painting and I'm glad she linked to you as I hadn't heard about your before. I am enjoying going back through your posts.


  6. YAY totally LOVE the painting as i've said :) it is now hanging in it's beautiful new home :)

  7. How is the wii thing going?????? I've been thinking about that a LOT.

  8. Yikes, forgot to comment! How will you ever know I was here? LOL

    I love the painting you did for her! You are so talented.

  9. What a magnificent work of heart and soul Art! Your spirit shines through your work. How wonderful to know a piece of your soul will shine forever in the hearts (and on the walls) of such wonderful people. Happy New year and Blessings to you and yours. Love and light, Nina P

  10. Cute cute name for the new home. Love the painting. Beautiful work!


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