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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tour of Nostrildamus


  1. Hey Lille, it's good to see you looking well (even if you're not really feeling that great!). I'm glad you got through your blood work OK in the end, I really can empathise with you on that one as you know. You have such a cute button nose and if you don't mind me saying so beautiful skin :)

  2. You are absolutely adorable!! I hope you had fun with lunch and are feeling TONS better very soon. :)

  3. You are so darned cute! lol Glad you're feeling better and hope all goes well with your tests.

  4. I have a confession. Opie Taylor did my makeup, and hair. That cat has more talent on one paw than I do on both of mine. Wait... do I even have paws??? Oh, yeah..I have mental paws. I knew I had some kind of paws.

    Mark.. you are word genius! Noted, and changed. Thank you for the suggestion~

    Thank you, Dee, Lori and Eva. You make my monkey pantz sparkle~

  5. You got a bat in the cave! No - seriously, you must check out this website:

    It helped my sister cope with her panic attacks. They sell CDs which really help. Check it out.

  6. Snot here too. Tell Superman hello. It was good to hear your voice again. Feel better soon.

  7. Lots of (((Hugs))) to ya huNNy X:-)


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