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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My First Music Video made by the Dafthermit

This lovely music video with my song Moonbeam was made by my dear friend, Andy, the Dafthermit, who travels the Highlands of Scotland with his precious wife, Mel, and their 2 cats and 2 dogs in a black bus that was custom made by them. Andy used his photography, and film of Scotland, plus some of my personal pictures to make this video. Listen closely and you can hear the winds blowing across the fields of flowers in Scotland.

Please stop by to see more of the dafthermits videos HERE and his blog featuring stories, films and photography about their travels living off the grid HERE. Fabulous! FABULOUS!

I'm happy to announce my tests results came back normal. First time I've ever been considered normal... I'm going to savor it. Thank you for all your prayers, and good energy sent my way. And thank you Andy and Mel for making such an amazing video for Moonbeam---and me. I adore you!


  1. I second the so glad you are OK and Normal too!! whoo hoo, you are Normal, now what is normal......

  2. 3 cheers for test results!
    Woo Hoo x3
    :) :)

    Oh I see TC cheered also, LOL
    ok x4

    Very cool about your friends input into the project!

  3. Good to know that your test results were pleasing and I like your song very much. You have a lovely voice.

  4. WONDERFUL the tests are fine. Love your music

  5. Feeling guilty because I haven't been around for awhile and I have no idea what your medical scare was...but I sure am glad you are normal.
    The video just gave me much peace. I really enjoyed the production, wind and water sounds, but most of all your sweet voice.

    (And just look at the drawing with those monkey pants! Adorable!)

  6. Uhhh I do believe you meant to say "medically normal" correct.

  7. Glad your tests were ok

  8. I'm pulling on the monkey pants and doin' the HAPPY DANCE! So glad you're "normal" LOL. I guess there's hope for me too!

    Love the video. Lots of familiar pics!

  9. What a beautiful song. I shall read further to find out what the tests were for ... glad to find out the end result was normal! ... :0)

    Shirl x


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