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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woodstock Lily sings for you

Lille Diane and Michael Tsang, 'East Winds"

About a month ago, maybe less, I was looking for an old tape to let Superman hear a version of 'Over the Rainbow' I recorded. This song is one of my all time favorites without a doubt. In my search to find the recording of this one song I found another cassette that I didn't even know I had. Thirty one years this tape was buried. It survived several cross country moves, musky basements, and storage units living in beaten up cardboard boxes. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it appeared in a drawer as if MAGIC. It wasn't even labeled. Why I picked this particular cassette up is a mystery in itself, except to say, something much larger, and grander, than myself is working on my behalf.
Silver Rose, Louie Baker on the left, me on the right with dark hair.

The tape had several live recordings of songs I'd written on it, and didn't even remember I had recorded, as well as songs I'd performed with two bands; Silver Rose with Louie Baker, and East Winds, a duo with Michael Tsang, both during the 70's. This has been an emotional, and jaw dropping few weeks with discoveries of my musical career preserved as a part of my continuing musical legacy.

My Dad played with 50's icons Hank Williams, Hank Snow, and Johnny Horton. He met my mother, an aspiring vocalist, who sang backups on a couple of recordings that ended up on jukeboxes, not as hits but as fillers. My daddy had a drinking problem, as do many musicians, and it got in the way of him having the brilliant career he was born to have. My grandmother told me a story about a night he was playing with Johnny Horton. Johnny told her, "Dub is one of the best guitar players out there but the bottle is his first love. He won't go anywhere till he leaves her behind." Sad, but true, this has happened to too many extremely talented artists, musicians, and writers.

As you all know I have been using creativity, and a creative to do list to help me heal from PTSD. It has not been an A-Z process for me, and truthfully, it wouldn't be nearly as interesting, or rewarding, if everything just "fell into place" with no effort or learning on my part. I'm learning so much from Dr. Ed, and, Michele Rosenthal, at Heal My PTSD. But in saying that, I've experienced some hard hills to climb out of this valley of PTSD, and at times, my body has been dragging my dreams down due to setbacks health wise.

Finding these tapes has given me the courage to begin undertaking one of the goals on my list; to record another album. I will not allow PTSD to rob me of my purpose, my calling, and my God given talents to accomplish my dreams. I've had these dreams since I was 10 years old. My amazingly talented son, Jake, will be working with me on this project singing backup, and laying down all the music tracks. Yes, he can play everything! Superman is at the helm as my producer, and protector. Dylan is in charge of managing me. (hehe Lord knows I need that...)

For the last few weeks, Superman has painstakingly worked to digitize and clean up as much hiss off these recordings as he could, then he saved them to an mp3 format. So.... with a wee bit nervousness, mixed with a huge "I just won the Freaking LOTTERY!!!" attitude, I introduce a collection of songs on my side bar for your listening pleasure.

My personal favorites are: Moonbean, I Never Meant To Hurt You, Over the Rainbow, and Girl In The Mirror. There's one country song on here I wrote called, 'A Child Like Me'. I grew up thinking country music was all there was because of my family history. I've since learned to love and appreciate all music. "A Child Like Me' has a Christian message layered with the idea that we all want to be accepted by our Daddy's, whether it is Daddy God or our own birth fathers. I've always had a spiritual heart, and have always been a seeker, looking for God, for answers, and spiritual love. I worked in the Contemporary Christian music business from 1987-1998. I had the honor of being the opening vocalist for the phenomenal Wayne Watson, winner of tons of Grammy's and Dove Awards, in 1989.

yes, I had big hair... didn't everyone in the 80's????
Wayne Watson, myself, and Scott Alan, a DJ at KDAR, Oxnard CA

If you're on Facebook you can fan me there at Lille Diane: Singer-Songwriter and on Reverbnation. I'd be so honored to have you listen to my songs (they're up there on the top right on the player) and cheer me on to taking my healing to the next level.


  1. made me Smile, sigh, tear up and reminisce all at the same time... How 'Lovely' to hear your Lovely voice and to hear what my L.M. sounds like...

    Thank You so much for sharing this part of your life with all of us... what a joy...


  2. ~~Oh Jodi, thank you so much! It's scary, and liberating all at once. I'm hanging my monkey pantz out there for sure. Hugzzzzz, LM.

  3. Seems as if indeed a soul can be fed, either through eyes or ears - maybe even both.
    Thank you very much for this nutrition.

    Please have you all a wonderful Friday.
    p.s.: what a nice memory as well, of a time when one used still tapes, and the time it took to wind them back to the beginning of a favourite song.

  4. I didn't know that your monkey pants had such a lovely sound!

  5. Hi my friend

    i am busy trying to get back to your email

    i just noticed the song i choose is Moonbean one of your favourites as well

    if you send me some pics etc and any links i will look forward to doing that my friend

    Mel sends a massive massive hug x

  6. REALLY???
    Wow, I am so very pleasantly surprised!

  7. yay!!!!! I am so glad you're doing this- I cannot WAIT to listen to you. music should ALWAYS be there for you (and it really IS always there- since when can a musician "shut off" the music-truly?)

    I'm gonna email you about our "tarot date" on Sat! Perhaps it will have news about THIS new venture! :)

  8. Steph said it before me You go girl!! It's all so exciting. Can we say we knew you when... Your joy and enthusiasm really are shining through today!

  9. You look terrific in the photos - big hair and all! I can't get the songs to play, but I'll keep trying. Good luck with you new album!

  10. I'm so glad you found that recording and it is being digitalized. I loved the old photos--what treasures!

  11. Your voice is not a surprise I always surmised when in song it would be a well heard thing.

  12. Really beautiful!
    You look so different with the dark, big hair! The picture of you with the cloak over your head - totally looks like the gal from Gyspy Soul.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. beautiful!!! I am officially a fan!!

  14. I'm glad you've finally got them up here! I love A Child Like Me! I love them all. I'm so glad you're back on this road and using your gift.

  15. Hi Lille, just wanted to say "thanks!" for your kind words over at my place, great to read you... and even greater to come over here and get to hear you as well... what a joy that must have been for you to find the tapes ! Amazing they survived so well for so long, through the moves and all... how fabulous that now they can be so easily converted to mp3, and then shared the world over...

    Best wishes to you in 2010... may it be a year full of creative new beginnings...

  16. WOW! How great is that you share this!! Im very glad you shared this part of your life through your blog or I would not have known about any of this. I would like to have just a tiny bit of your talent!! I have a "hidden talent" that hasnt came out yet! ;)

  17. Hi Lille Diane,
    Great post, love your photos and your singing.
    Over the rainbow is a big favourite.
    Have a good day.

  18. It's great you found the tape and all that lovely music! Thanks for posting it!

  19. I loved your version of Over the Rainbow!!! beautiful!


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