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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woodstock Lily Meets Woody

Take a look at what I found in the woods.
Shhhhhh... we're sneaking.

Meet you there.....

I double dog dare you
Not to tap your toes to this.
A wee film from my friend
Who lives in the Scottish Highlands~


  1. Looked like a great place to boogie! I'd feel more at home in the woods with the peckers, though... We have them living here, too! I love that sound!

  2. I just found the dafthermit and you are SOOOO right, I could not keep my toes from tapping. What a wonderful web site. I get lost in the imagery and laughter. so cool to see it here again.

  3. ~Mz Lily... Peckers? more at home with the peckers. Sigh... What can a girl say here?? OHHH wait you said the WOODs... Sowwy. My mistake.

    heheheee Lily, you make me snicker. Love it... People should lighten up, huh? I'm just a goober. What can I say?

  4. ~Beth... I love it that you said you get caught up in the laughter. Sweet. That is what it is all about.

    I have to remind myself of this all the time-- to relax. Laugh. It's not a pass or fail, right? It's a great adventure. Life. Yep. It is.

    Me and the hermits appreciate you taken time to enjoy~

    [grinning. Lille]

  5. That is a cool video Lily, I like them wood peckers. =o)

    Boogie boots, cute. hehe


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